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Say goodbye to tired muscles 4 types of energy meal

You must have had this confusion-even if you take good care of your skin and apply skin care products every day, skin problems are still emerging, and the fact that the skin is dull is not obvious.
How much of the skin care product is rubbed into the skin every day?

  Insufficient sleep, environmental pollution, and UV damage make the skin lose its motivation for health and become exhausted.

At this time, the skin is like a powerless machine, but it is useless to polish the surface.

Only by internally activating the skin’s ability to self-renew and regenerate, and transforming the skin from passive absorption to active maintenance, can the sleeping skin “resurrect” and emit the beauty of healthy energy from the inside to the outside.

  Package A Detox Meal For Dull and Matt Skin Care Keywords: Remove Seasonal Keratin + Vitamin B Supplement Step 5: Regenerate the skin, first gently remove summer keratinous skin like your cloakroom, you need to clean up every season, Pack up and prepare for the new season.

Dermatologists believe that before strengthening the defense function, you should first adjust the skin’s condition from summer-when the summer and autumn change seasons, the skin will become dry and susceptible to sensitivity.Even refusing to exfoliate, in fact, the skin in summer is easy to accumulate thick horny, and then the first thing to do is to remove those horny ones that “stick” for a summer.

  How to do it: Use a skin rejuvenation product containing mild exfoliating ingredients to remove dead skin and old keratinocytes, restore metabolism, and achieve skin plump and soft care on this basis before it can be effective.

  However: If the skin is severe and dry itching has started, then the exfoliating work should be suspended, especially the coarse-grained scrub products, otherwise it will be equivalent to picking up another layer of skin and causing more severe redness and peeling.

  The second step: Vitamin B5 promotes metabolism to repair the damage and after sun exposure in the summer, the skin will inevitably appear dull and other damage, but not angry.

  How to do it: If you find that your skin is more and especially tired after the summer has passed, it does not prevent the use of provitamin B5-added face creams and body creams, which will be converted into pathogenic acids after being absorbed by the skin, which helps the skinThe metabolism of cell molecules, and help improve the healing function of the skin’s sensitive and damaged skin, while also having a good moisturizing effect.

  Removes the darkening VALMONT Regenerating No. 1 activating cream for 1,400 yuan / 50ml placenta. The fatty acid extract enhances the oxygen absorption function of skin cells and improves the dull aging phenomenon caused by the accumulation of skin toxins.

  MISSHA Miscellaneous Shuiyang skin-friendly firming and toning massage cream 218 yuan / 200ml contains elastic capsules and peptides containing exfoliating effect, at the same time effectively absorb and remove metabolic waste, and enhance skin elasticity.

  SAMPAR Xinman Xinrong Curry Powder 586 yuan / 50ml (available from SEPHORA) is a fine foam exfoliating product containing no particles and artificial colors, and contains a mixture of essential oils, which can renew the stratum corneum and purify environmental toxins accumulated on the face.Reduces blackheads, restores water-oil balance to the skin, and enhances the skin’s natural protective mechanism.

  POLA BA foam massage mask 1980 yuan / 80g set massage, the mask in one, bitter participation in Centella Asiatica effectively block the production of melanin, promote microcirculation, and strengthen the horny layer of moisture.

  L’Oreal Paris L’Oreal Snow Whitening Dual Pure Care Solution 190 yuan / 30ml dual effect inhibits excessive melanin production and skin is fairer.

And has a better skin rejuvenation effect, the skin is more radiant.

  La Prairie Crystal Micro Diamond Scrub Renewing Cream 2300 yuan / 125ml uses high-tech micro-crystallization refining technology to grind natural diamonds, freshwater pearls and crystal quartz into extremely fine micro-crystals, gently and thoroughly removeThe dead keratin of the body stimulates blood circulation, reduces the formation of acne and acne, and improves skin dullness.

  Package B Energy Napkin The first step for tired and tired skin: concentrated antioxidant, restore skin health and radiance. In addition to tiredness and tiredness, oxidation also casts a “shadow” on the skin.

Studies have found that the skin will have a phenomenon known as “nitrification” before oxidation. When it is not noticeable, there is already a slight penetration, sensitivity and even aging, which will cause the skin to lose its radiance and vitality.

  How to do it: In the early autumn season, you may wish to choose a bottle of daytime products containing antioxidants, such as vitamin C, E, tea polyphenols, grape seed essence or olive essence, etc., which can effectively help the skin restore cell vitality, Repairs collagen and elastin cell links, enhances skin’s defense function, and restores healthy skin gloss and texture.

  Step 2: Simplify the maintenance No less than a dozen bottles of skincare products used every day, can’t I go out without makeup?

Give your skin a few days of rest every month, reduce the number of bottles and jars, and give your skin a chance to breathe.

Soon you will find that the skin care products are better absorbed.

  How to do it: ● Make the skin care sheet pure and apply too much skin care products. Just like eating a large meal every day, it is easy to have indigestion. It may not be fully absorbed.

  Take a few days a month to “clean up” the skin.

In the past few days, the maintenance procedure has been simplified. After cleaning, apply lotion, lotion / cream, so that the skin is equivalent to eating seven minutes full, and remove the complicated maintenance treatment, but the effect of beauty is more clear.

  ● Exercising and taking a bath can help you look good and want to sleep in the afternoon. Poor physical strength?

Sleep full again, and apply noble cream to your arms frequently?

This is due to too little exercise and poor metabolism.

From now on aerobic exercise or bathing 3 times a week (until sweating), in addition to improving blood circulation, it can also make the face rosy and improve the maintenance absorption.

  The third step: away from tiredness, focus on local care. Beauty experts tell us that the menstrual cycle is a key factor affecting women’s skin.

  If you learn to follow the rules of the physiological cycle to skin care, the effect is more direct-10 days after the end of menstruation is the period when the body’s estrogen is secreted the most, it is also the time when the skin’s metabolism is fastest, and the nutrients are absorbed the best.On special days, do special care and acupoint massage on the skin of the jaw and lips. By promoting blood circulation, adjusting hormone secretion and the autonomic nervous system to prevent skin oxidation and tiredness, let the dull tiredness away from you.

  Energy activates LA MER sea blue mystery cream 1300 yuan / 30ml magical active essence strengthens the skin’s own repair and moisturizing ability, helping the skin to restore a balanced and healthy natural state.

  Dior Dior Reverse Time Rejuvenating Skin Rejuvenation Night Cream 880 Yuan / 50ml This perfect touch cream can enhance sensory pleasure and increase skin plumpness.

  L’OCCITANE Olive Brightening Moisturizing Cream contains unique pure oxidized AOC olive oil and virgin olive water with activating microcirculation and stimulating cell regeneration. It can keep the skin shiny and tender, suitable for all skin types.

  VICHY Active Firming Firming Cream 298 yuan / 50ml Vitamin E + caffeine + added soy protein to help strengthen skin fibers, firm skin, increase skin elasticity, stretch wrinkles, make skin firm, smooth, away from tiredness.

  BIOTHERM Biotherm Hot Spring Water Elemental Essence 530 yuan / 30ml of various minerals, soothes and nourishes the skin, promotes the natural regeneration of the skin, and restores a healthy and balanced state of moisture
  GIVENCHY Revitalizing Essence 600 yuan / 30ml contains precious Rhodiola extract, moisturizing and anti-aging, activate cell energy, and instantly improve skin gloss.
  Estee Lauder Fresh Nutrition Essence Water 480 yuan / 200ml red pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins enhance the skin’s antioxidant capacity, activate cell energy, and fight against dry and tired skin.

  Package C Mineral Moisturizing Napkin for Dry Skin: Research on the minerals needed to understand the skin Biologists have found that different types of skin produce different and required minerals. If you want to achieve a balanced and hydrated skinState, we must choose moisturizing products containing special minerals according to the characteristics of their own skin.

  How to do it: Combination skin needs water and oil balance, mineral zinc can promote cell regeneration and regulate oil secretion; oily skin needs to use copper moisturizing products to deeply regulate excessive oiliness; and moisturizing products with mineral magnesium added,More suitable for easily dry skin.

  Step 2: Collagen resists aging and rebuilds the hydration of the dermis. For the skin, the dermis is like a “reservoir”, 80%?
90% of the water is stored here, and then “supply” to the epidermis and cuticle.

The more abundant the dermis collagen, the stronger the water storage capacity, and the skin will look more supple.

However, with age, skin aging will lead to the progressive loss of collagen, and the skin’s water storage capacity will gradually decrease.

  How to do it: For mature skin, if you want to activate skin functions, moisturizing alone is definitely not enough. You also need to choose an anti-aging product that promotes collagen regeneration and rebuild the skin’s water storage capacity to effectively retain dermal moisture and achieve active moisturization.
  Step 3: Repair damaged keratin and improve active moisturizing power. If the dermis is the reservoir of the skin, then the horny layer of the skin is the skin’s natural water retention barrier, which can effectively maintain the moisture inside the body.

Traditional moisturizing products only provide moisture from the outside, but cannot really improve the skin’s water retention function.

  How to do it: If you want to improve your skin’s dryness and lack of water, you must start by solving the root causes of your skin’s dryness, radically improve your skin’s natural barrier, take the initiative, and increase your skin’s ability to actively moisturize.

The use of a moisturizing cream with keratin repair can help repair the damaged stratum corneum in summer, accelerate the cell regeneration rate, restore the keratin health, and have a complete water-holding power as soon as possible.

  The fourth step: supplementary massage, nutrition can be “eaten” by the skin to achieve the best hydration effect, simple application is barely qualified for young and healthy skin.

For mature skin, where absorption capacity and metabolism are beginning to deteriorate, proper massage during maintenance becomes the key to determining the effect of skin care.

The correct and scientific massage method is one of the best ways to improve the moisturizing power. While helping the replacement of old and dead keratin, it can accelerate the metabolism, which can appropriately increase the temperature of the skin and let the skin really eat moisture and nutrition.

  How to do it: It is recommended to choose a thin, thin and extensible moisturizing cream. When applying, use the index and middle fingers to apply from the center of the face, with appropriate lifting and flicking actions.

Note that too thick and thick cream is not suitable for massage, but it is easy to pull the skin, and the amount used during massage should be applied normally.

5 times.

  Hydrating and moisturizing LA ROCHE-POSAY La Roche-Posay Hydrating Soothing Spray 110 yuan / 150ml high selenium content hot spring water can quickly calm, soothe the skin, increase skin volume and moisture.

  HR Helena Collagen Intensive Rich Serum 1180 Yuan / 40ml collagen regeneration technology can replenish dryness, relaxation, fine lines and dry lines caused by collagen loss.

In addition, the ultra-micro collagen particles are “hyaluronic acid” -like powerful hydration and water retention, instantly moisturizing from the inside out!

  LANEIGE Himalayan Snow Melt Water Revitalizing Liquid 320 yuan / 30ml restores 6 ionized minerals. Himalayan Snow Melt Water promotes skin metabolism and establishes the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

  OLAY Magnolia Oil Water Moisture Long-lasting Moisturizing Gel 120 yuan / 50g hot spring mineral essence and plant ingredients help the skin to hydrate deeply, at the same time lock the moisture, continue to moisturize.

  GIVENCHY Givenchy Moisturizing Moisturizing Cream 580 yuan / 50ml moisturizing molecules can penetrate deeply into the inner layer of the skin to effectively adjust the amount of skin shrinkage and maintain the water balance inside and outside the cell.

  Package D Early Morning Reveal Meal aimed at restoring radiant skin after sleep recovery: Exfoliate in the morning to brighten and maintain skin that stays up late or gets up early, keratinocytes have not undergone sufficient metabolism and circulation, and a large amount of stratum corneum will stick to the skin, making the skin lookRough and matte.

Therefore, a moderate exfoliation in the early morning can make the skin noticeably clear!

  How to do it: It is recommended to spend 10 minutes in the morning, use a facial exfoliating massage cream, or mix semi-finished natural seaweed powder or fine seaweed grains with an appropriate amount of flour with water, and gently massage after washing the face.

This method can also gently remove the old keratin, and it will not hurt the fragile skin, which is conducive to the absorption of the essence ingredients in the skin care products. At the same time, it has bright skin in the morning and a good mood all day!

  Step 2: The glowing mask is more ideal in the morning than before bedtime. The skin is the most active spot at night, but for fragile and sensitive skin, some of the mask ‘s excess nutrients and irritating ingredients will burden the skin and affect the skinBreathing and self-healing in the evening, and the most relaxed skin condition in the morning, so it is not easy to cause discomfort.

  How to do it: Spend 5 minutes after getting up and soak the paper mask on the face with lotion, which can not only increase the resistance, but also restore the dull and tired skin to a healthy luster, and the effect of rejuvenating is more ideal.

  The third step: actively add meals-concentrated care at night, skin regeneration in the morning at night is the golden period of rapid skin regeneration, at this time it is most suitable to use anti-aging care products with repair effects.

  In addition, if the skin has been severely damaged by ultraviolet rays and has become darkened or spotted, if the damaged cells have not recovered and the skin function is still distorted, even without ultraviolet rays, it will continue to produce melanin to protect itself.It will turn black soon, and it will make the spots deeper.

Therefore, only 24 hours of day and night initialization will be more effective.

  How to do it: In the evening: choose anti-aging care products with a repair effect.

These products usually contain essential fatty acids or natural flower plant repair essences that can moisturize fragile skin, promote blood circulation at night, replenish skin’s new energy, and repair degradation and damage.

Whitening night creams and serums also need to be used consistently to repair, protect and nourish the skin.

  Day: Use products with excellent sun protection.

  Rejuvenating GUERLAIN Guerlain Royal Orchid Extreme Repairing Moisturizer 1050 yuan / 125ml quickly moisturizes the skin and adjusts the skin to the best condition.

  YSL Saint Laurent Brightening Skin Cream 540 yuan / 40ml instantly awakens the skin, eliminates skin fatigue, nourishes and nourishes.
Brightens skin tone in the morning to provide smooth skin texture and prepares for high-quality skin.

  AVON Avon Revitalizing Night Cream 320 yuan / 30g can stimulate the production of aging dormant proteins and reshape the dense structure of the skin’s inner layer.
  FANCL sunscreen lotion 30 # 238 / 60ml SPF30 PA +++ physical sunscreen, effectively protects against UVA and UVB, prevents sunburn and the formation of stains.

  SISLEY Sisley Huan White Firming Lotion 1550 yuan / 30ml instantly form a “lifting film” firming contour with the skin surface, fade fine lines and even skin tone.

  SK-II clear sunscreen lotion 590 yuan / 30g sunscreen while adjusting the skin water and oil balance.

  YUE SAI Feixi Ningxian Huasheng Live Cream 230 yuan / 50ml SPF20 PA +++ unique collagen stimulating factor and elastic beauty essence fine lines, firm and smooth skin.

  ?H2O + Shuizhiao Ocean Deep Repair Night Cream 550 Yuan / 50ml relieves skin fine lines, dryness and dullness, repairs moisture while tightening.