[Pakchoi nutrition]_Pakchoi_Efficacy_Benefits

[Pakchoi nutrition]_Pakchoi_Efficacy_Benefits

Pakchoi is a very common vegetable in life. The taste of pakchoi is light and refreshing, and there are many methods. Each method shows the light taste of pakchoi. Many trace elements and minerals in pakchoi are often eaten.Great benefit, it can also prevent some physical diseases and is welcomed by everyone.

Pakchoi is also called green cabbage, oil cabbage, and pakchoi cabbage is a variant of Brassica napus.

The leaves are firm and bright, oval or oblong, about 30 cm long, greenish-green in color; the base of the leaf gradually narrows into a petiole, and the petiole is narrow.

The origin of pakchoi is chronic and comprehensively cultivated in various places. The southern part of the country is the most widely cultivated. It is supplied throughout the year and has the most in spring and summer.

Pakchoi is rich in calcium, phosphorus, and iron. It has a soft thickness and a fragrant taste. It is a popular vegetable.

Pakchoi has no yellow leaves and no rotten leaves.

Pakchoi is the most mineral and vitamin rich vegetable in vegetables.

Pakchoi contains higher levels of calcium, vitamin C, and carotene than Chinese cabbage, and its sugars and impurities are slightly lower than Chinese cabbage.

Nutritional value 1, provide nutrition, strengthen the body: Pakchoi is one of the vegetables with the most vitamins and minerals. It provides material conditions to ensure the body’s physiological needs and enhances the body’s immunity.

2. Maintaining vascular elasticity: Pakchoi contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can prevent the formation of plasma dialysis after entering the human body and being slightly combined. It can be regenerated in vitro by intervening the metabolite cholic acid to reduce the formation of atherosclerosis, thereby maintainingVascular elasticity.

3. Moisturize the skin and delay aging: pakchoi contains more carotene than beans, tomatoes, melons, and rich in vitamin C. After entering the body, it can promote skin cell metabolism and prevent skin roughness and pigmentation., Make the skin bright and clean, and delay aging.

4. Anti-cancer and anti-cancer: Vitamin C contained in pakchoi forms a “hyaluronic acid inhibitor” in the body. This substance has anti-cancer effect and can eliminate vitality.

In addition, the crude fiber contained in vegetables can promote colonic peristalsis, increase the excretion of endotoxins in the large intestine, and achieve the purpose of preventing cancer.