Save the family for a good wedding anniversary

Save the family for a good wedding anniversary

According to an ABC report on August 26, proving that having a good wedding anniversary and revowing to be loyal to the other party is an indispensable means of repairing marriage rifts and saving family relationships.

  ”Not long ago, Madonna covered with her husband?

Richie had a ceremony in Los Angeles antiques, vowing to repair their marriage.

The two of them considered the new wedding anniversary to this day.

“Brian, Professor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

“For ordinary couples, careful preparation of the wedding anniversary and treating it as a big event is also an effective way to make life often new.

“Popno, a professor of sociology at Rutgers University, said:” It is not difficult to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

Some people think that the wedding anniversary is a new pattern every year, which adds a lot of burden to each other.

“Actually, on this day, you don’t need to pile up too much money, don’t need too much sweet words, just a sentence from the heart” Thank you, husband / wife, your efforts have made our marriage a year old!

“Or do something for your partner. For example, a husband who never does housework can take the initiative to sweep the floor, and a wife who doesn’t like watching football can accompany her husband to watch a game, and the marriage will laugh out with satisfaction.

  At the same time, don’t forget the vow of renewed love.

Marriage expert Heitler said: “As time goes on, each other’s dissatisfaction grows, but the love gradually fades, and then the marriage vow needs to be renewed.

It is an important part of repairing the relationship between husband and wife, helping both parties keep in mind their responsibilities and keep promises.

“Budgets, couples need to master three key abilities: the ability to make decisions together, to talk witably, to listen to each other’s reactions, and to control their emotions.

“Marriage is fragile, it can last forever, and it won’t exceed our lifespan.

Therefore, every couple should keep their wedding anniversary in mind.


Waite said.