Top 10 answers to wonderful recipes in the workplace 5

Top 10 answers to “wonderful recipes” in the workplace 5

The birth of the top ten workplace confusions has gone through two rounds of “citizen-expert-citizen-expert” selection.
It is understood that all the confusions come from the citizens. At the beginning of the event, the organizing committee issued information to the society to collect the confusions. More than 300 workplace confusions were collected from the society.
In this regard, the experts and invited reporters have sorted out and categorized them respectively, and a total of 18 workplace confusions were initially selected.
Then, these 18 workplace confusions were returned to the citizens for online voting.
According to statistics, nearly 500 citizens participated in this voting activity. Among them, the citizens’ attention ranks in the top three are fuzzy career positioning, lack of career planning and job burnout.
In the end, 13 experts and specially invited reporters conducted the final review and voting. The top ten workplace confusions were finally released, and their career positioning was blurred and career planning was missing.
  Actually, every puzzle has its solution.
The organizing committee carefully selected 10 “prescriptions” from the 100 “prescriptions” provided by the 20 “place doctors” to provide self-treatment “magic recipes” for those who are equally confused in the workplace.
If you have a problem in the workplace, you may wish to follow the “prescription” that suits you and “self-treatment” step by step!
Confusion 5-Interpersonal conflicts in the workplace In modern enterprises, because of the division of labor, promotion of positions and other benefits, the original simple relationship between colleagues and subordinates has become complicated.
The key to people working hard in the workplace is EQ skills-the ability to deal with interpersonal relationships. This ability often determines a person’s work success.
However, many people in the workplace often do not handle the interpersonal relationships at work, which affects the development of personal work.
  Prescription 丹 Lu Danmeng (Career Instructor, Shanghai Employment Agency Xuhui Branch Center, Dong’an Employment Agency) 首先 ■ First of all, it is clear that interpersonal relationships are not the whole job.
Doing things down-to-earth, working diligently, and creating more performance can make yourself recognized in the workplace.
Strength is the key to staying in the workplace.
  ■ Actively confront “interpersonal conflicts” and take the initiative to establish friendly relationships with colleagues in different departments-harmonious interpersonal relationships will not only make work enjoyable, but also help you when you need it.
  ■ Avoid getting involved in interpersonal struggle circles.
If you are passively involved in the whirlpool of the battle, the best way is to be deaf and dumb, and leave after the situation is clear.
  ■ Always keep in mind and work hard.
Because strength is the strongest foundation of power in the workplace!
  ■ Understand and appreciate corporate culture.
When the team culture reaches the ideal mode, it can not only tolerate people with different personalities, but also give perseverance to overcome difficulties.