Netizen tricks girls how to gain weight

Netizen tricks girls how to gain weight

Q: I am a girl, only 40kg in 160cm. How to increase fat becomes my trouble, too thin to wear clothes are not good!

The waist is also thin, but my parents are not thin!

How to do?

  Netizen semolina baby: first check if the body has diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases. If the disease is ruled out, it will be easier to eat. Dinner will be late, eat after dinner for a while, or eat something before going to bed.

At first, I feel that my stomach is uncomfortable, I will adapt to it again, and then I will be fat.

  Netizen grave: First you have to know why you are not fat.

Is it bad sleep, or bad appetite, or other reasons.

Specific reasons for specific analysis.

Generally, thin stomach absorption is not good.

This can be conditioned.

Girls gain weight can go to aerobics, swim, practice yoga, enhance appetite; eat more foods with high conversion, such as milk, cream cake, chocolate and so on.

  Netizen whirlpool Xiaolan: First, to alleviate your mental stress, you can solve things without worrying, and worry about things that can’t be solved are useless. Second, to ensure normal life rules, less stimulating (including physiological andPsychological), don’t sleep too much or too little, as long as you sleep less than an hour under normal circumstances; third, you must exercise properly, play, and run, the length of time does not matter, how to increase fatTo ensure good health; fourth, less sick, pay attention to self-regulation, once you find physical discomfort, you must find a solution; fifth, haha, that is to eat more potatoes and pork, drink more broth, you can eat some night snacks at night., (PS: pay attention to maintain oral hygiene); sixth, is the happy point of life.