Newborns sleep without pillows

Newborns sleep without pillows

Sleep with pillows so you can sleep comfortably and sweetly.

Can newborns use pillows when they sleep?

  In fact, under normal circumstances, a newborn baby does not need a pillow to sleep.

This is because the spine of a newborn is straight and there is no physiological curvature unique to an adult spine.

When a newborn is lying down, the back and the back of the brain naturally lie on the same plane.

Therefore, if a newborn does not sleep without a pillow, it will not cause a pillow fall due to muscle tension.

Moreover, the head of a newborn baby is relatively slender, almost as wide as the shoulders, and it is comfortable to lie down and lie on its side.

If you use a pillow that is too high for the newborn, it will easily cause it to bend and breathe, which will affect the normal growth and development of the newborn.

  If newborns are prone to vomiting, they can raise their entire upper body appropriately.

When the baby is four or five months old, the cervical spine begins to show a forward physiological curvature. At this time, the towel can be folded in half for the baby as a pillow.

When the child reaches seven billion months and begins to learn to crawl and sit, his thoracic spine begins to show a backward physiological curvature, and at the same time, his shoulders gradually widen.

At this time the child should sleep on a pillow with a thickness of 3-4 cm.

Pillows that are too high and too low are not conducive to their growth and development.

Newborns often sleep on high pillows and are prone to hump.

From this point of view, according to the physiological characteristics and growth and development characteristics of the newborn, it is not necessary to use a pillow for the newborn.