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Make the most of your cream

Whether it’s a top skincare product or an affordable product, absorption is the key.

Experts and professors, simple and small methods to increase the effectiveness of your cream several times.


hzh {display: none; }  几乎每位女性都拥有至少一瓶面霜,但你知道吗,无论你选择的是奢华天价面霜,还是亲和平价产品,用一些简单的方法就能轻松让面霜本来的The utility has increased several times!
Please use the tips from the skin care experts to steal the cream. You will find new surprises in the small cream bottle.


Simplify skincare procedures. Instead of using the essence before the cream every day, it does not prevent you from trying to apply the essence before the mask, and then apply it on the mask. The hydrating or moisturizing mask can be used, only once or twice a week., Twice reducing the daily skin care steps, you can get better skin care results, because the active ingredients in the essence will be better absorbed.

Of course, after finishing the mask, remember to apply the night cream again.


Do you think your cream is too thick and oily to absorb in advance?

Before use, clean your hands, heat the cream with the temperature of your fingers, let it reach the right temperature, and better integrate the brakes with your skin.


You must be patient. The effectiveness of a cream is not visible in three days, but it takes about two months. To make an analogy, you need to spend these hours to make your skin hear, understand and perform those effects.Contained information.

It takes at least three weeks for the skin cells to fully absorb the cream from the inside out, and then it takes another three weeks for those brand new cells to grow to the surface.

So don’t blame your cream for being ineffective, first cultivate your patience.


To ensure absorption and fall asleep, you must ensure that the night cream you apply before bedtime is completely absorbed by the skin, because as long as the cream floats on the surface of the skin, once the skin touches the pillow, those coated creams will be “knocked off.”

If necessary, you can use a hair dryer to gently blow your face to help the skin absorb the cream.


Not easy to DIY.

  Adding vitamin capsules to the cream does not increase the effectiveness of the cream, because the mixture you add is not homogeneous with the cream itself, so it will have little effect.


Exfoliate at least once a week to remove excess dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, which will prevent the cream from absorbing it.

However, do not harm the skin while exfoliating. If you are psychologically afraid of scrub particles, it is better to choose a mild, enzyme-free, exfoliating product.


Do not use an expired cream. The active ingredients in the cream will expire.

The prescribed use period of different creams can be found on the package. It is an icon of a small opened box. The middle number represents the effective storage month after the cream is used.

It is recommended to use a marker to write the opening date on the bottom of the cream jar so that you can clearly know whether the cream has expired.


“Smoothing” wrinkles Before applying the cream, you can use sterile gauze to soak the essence and apply it to the shells. This is like ironing. You can “smooth” the wrinkles, law lines, lip lines, and head lines on the corners of the eyes.Applying a cream with anti-wrinkle function can do more with less.


Graded treatment, supplementary use can be tried in stages when using creams and serums. For example, we all know that vitamin A and vitamin C have complementary effects on our skin, but the two are incompatible in the same formula.Therefore, you can use one of these serums and one cream separately, and it can be supplemented after using it.


Think about the environment.

hzh {display: none; }  究竟该如何选择面霜?Generally speaking, your first thought is your age, but experts think that it is better to give priority to the environment and the season than the age.

Because the most important thing for the skin is its environment, such as how long is it exposed to the sun?

What is the temperature and humidity, and is it often changed?What is the emotional stress index?

Is your lifestyle healthy?

These are the keys to skin texture, not your age.


The habit of picking the cream with a pick stick is much more economical than dipping with a finger. It also ensures that the cream will not be contaminated.

After dipping, remember to rinse with water.

In addition, some special materials can also be used for massage, using it to apply cream can promote blood and oxygen circulation.


Choose creams according to your needs Learn to choose the efficacy of your creams according to your needs, rather than blindly follow the trend and the latest technology.

If you want your skin to become more radiant, then choose a cream containing AHA.

If you smoke and your skin looks suspended and energized, then a cream containing vitamin C is more suitable for you.

If you want to prevent skin aging, you can try a cream rich in hyaluronic acid.


With oral capsules act from the inside out.

If you want to achieve moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effects, it is not enough to rely on a cream alone. You also need to match some oral capsules to get better results, especially for those who want to repair UV damage and fight free radicals.

Choosing the same series of products can make your life easier and replace the essence, day cream, night cream and eye cream of the same series.

This can prevent the mutual conflict between different products, and also make the effect better.


First use moisturizing lotion to imagine that there are two sponges, one moist and one completely dry. Drop a drop of water on the two sponges, respectively. The wet sponge can restore better absorption of water.So, free radicals are, in order to make your cream better absorbed, remember to use moisturizing lotion before using the cream to lock the natural moisture in the skin.