[Encyclopedia of Whole Roasted Meat]_ Delicious Conventions _ How to Make

[Encyclopedia of Whole Roasted Meat]_ Delicious Conventions _ How to Make

Barbecued pork is a very delicious dish. It is made from pork muscles. Barbecued pork can supplement various proteins and vitamins needed by the human body.

The taste of barbecued pork is very delicious, and it also helps the body digest. For some patients who reduce anemia, eating barbecued pork often can improve the condition of anemia, but in the process of making barbecued pork, you must choose good internal muscles, otherwiseWill affect the taste of barbecued pork.

Ingredients: pork belly, old soy sauce, yellow rock sugar salt, wine, green onion, gram food, ginger, gram food, rape recipes: 1.

Pork belly must be carefully pulled out of the skin and washed.


Slice the shallot and slice the ginger.


Lee Kum Kee’s raw soy sauce and Haitian’s old soy sauce are ready to be used.


It is better to use large pieces of yellow rock sugar.


Pre-cook three eggs and peel them for later use (exactly one per person).


Heat the oil in the pot, stir-fry the pork belly, add the wine, and pour the soy sauce.


Continue to stir fry and color.


Pour in water without flesh.

Add rock sugar, salt, spring onion, ginger, boil over high heat and skim off the foam.


Turn to low heat and simmer, depending on the taste. Generally, braised pork must be simmered for at least one and a half hours to be soft and waxy.


Add the eggs when you simmer for an hour. Continue to simmer for half an hour until the soup is reduced and the meat is crispy. Remember to flip twice.


Open the fire, and fry while collecting the dried soup. Be careful not to overdo it. Leave some soup for bibimbap.

Remove the braised onion ginger, pork belly and serve.

Recipe Tips: 1. Make sure to choose good pork belly or sandwich meat to make braised pork, not too fat or too thin.

2. Whether it is to make some kind of braised pork, the heat is very important.

3, it is best not to choose single crystal rock candy, that is, the small pieces are very regular, it is better to replace large pieces of yellow rock candy.

4. In order to taste the eggs, you can use a knife to make a few vertical blades, or you can poke some small eyes with a toothpick. You can’t see the small eyes, but the taste can be cooked.

5. The authentic soy sauce for braised pork is red soy sauce. If not, you can use old soy sauce and raw soy sauce together.