White-collar men’s health advice 4 points

White-collar men’s health advice 4 points

The body of a successful white-collar man seems to be more valuable.

Coughing and rushing into Mercedes-Benz, sitting in the executive chair, sweating, this seems to be the most sad and mournful contrast under the sun, and is the most unwilling thing for many white-collar men.

Let’s listen to some experts’ advice on “White-collar men’s fitness”: Cultivate “Weekend Fighter Syndrome”: “The biggest difference between men and women is that they like to cultivate comrades through sports and friends.

“Every week’s work is a fight, whether it is against a fierce basketball game or a relatively gentle golf, you can let the body’s large and small “parts” do a relaxing break.

Therefore, regular contraction exercise; strict weight control, participate in a suitable aerobics training class; every week to carry out an effective and effective exercise.

  Make your joints more flexible: “Most men’s joints are not very flexible.

“It is easy to produce a feeling of tension around the tibia and gastrocnemius muscle, and it is this tension that causes the pelvis to sag, causing soreness.

There is a good way to alleviate this symptom: lie flat on the floor, wrap your left knee with both hands, and slowly guide your knees to the body for about 10 seconds, then the right knee.

Do it once a day at the beginning, and increase it to 2 every day?
3 times.

  Learn to pick up items correctly: This seems to be a topic of no value.

“Most people simply bend down and grab the item and get up and go.

“But this is very incorrect, because it will cause excessive stress on your back, which can easily lead to sharp pain and chronic discomfort.

The correct posture should be to completely squat down, grab the item and slowly get up.

  Narrow your “beer belly”: the “beer belly” that is aligned forward is no longer the same. It makes the center of gravity lean forward, increasing the burden on the buttocks muscles and causing muscle soreness.

Stair climbing, swimming, walking, and boating are all good ways to help you control and cut your waistline, returning your body to its original normal position.