Woman, you have 7 words you should not say

Woman, you have 7 words you should not say

On the road of love and marriage, women always have to experience all kinds of sweet and bitter, noisy is always inevitable, but if you love him, there are seven words, please do not tell him.

  1. “I want to talk about the things between us” Because for us, “we” is the most frightening word. When you refer to “we”, it implies that you and his unity, the man thinksDiscussing relationships is the most troublesome thing in the world.

When a woman mentions this topic, there may be something wrong and it is about him.

So you have to be wise, first find out what the problem is, and tell it directly?

Instead of throwing him emotionally frustrated, that would only make him somehow angry.

  2. “If you really love me .” Men feel that when a woman says this, she must have done something wrong again, which makes him feel full of guilt, like all kinds of words, it is just a kind of failureThe threat method of action, he will tolerate you at first, but when the guilt becomes anger, he will block your words back. You should make the atmosphere more gentle in the suggested way. If you love me, take more timeAccompany me “.” to “Did you change the time you meet with your friends from daily to once a week so that we can spend more time together?”

This will allow men to understand your thoughts and feel accepted and discuss.

  3, “You always . you never .” The two sentences are like time bombs, and they can blow your feelings beyond recognition at any time.

Because they are always used by the depressed.

If you have any questions, you should sit down and talk, let him know your feelings and suggestions, and then ask his opinion, similar to: “I have something to say, you have been watching TV for too long, and I feel left out.””I want to talk about your past girlfriend.”

If you want to have a happy time with him, don’t mention his past again, because then you will force him to remember.

Whether it ‘s nostalgia for your ex-girlfriend or your unhappy past, you do n’t want it, and the more you know, the more jealous you will be, and you will fall into the vortex that you ca n’t extricate yourself.

Therefore, you just need to cherish everything now and let him have his own secret!

  5. “I’m so fat, ugly, stupid .” Don’t say anything about your shortcomings in front of your lover, whether this is true or not.

Because this will train him how to criticize you.

Since he loves you, he will accept everything and let him discover your shortcomings. If it is not a matter of principle, he will associate your strengths, and try to see yourself from the perspective of appreciation!

In fact, he does not have you?

So demanding.

  6, “Speaking to you is really pointless.”

Do you find him uninteresting or cluttered or unfocused?

Don’t argue at this time, let him have conscious ability.

For example, at this point you stop talking to him or make no representations.

Alert him with your silence.

  7. “I don’t want to say anything”.

Women are often reluctant to say what they want, but hope that men can interpret their expectations.

And men are sometimes the same.

In fact, to solve the problem, we must speak it out, and think about each other’s minds, that is, it may not be correct.

So state your needs.

The man will not scratch his head and tell him to let him communicate with you in the same way, so that the two will not always repeat themselves, but will be more intimate.