When and where to eat the most beautiful fruits

When and where to eat the most beautiful fruits

Introduction: Fruit contains many nutrients and health ingredients that the human body needs. Its beneficial effect on the human body has been recognized by more and more people, so fruit has become one of the foods that many people must eat every day.

But how to eat fruit can not only ensure the absorption of her nutrients, but also not cause bad effects on the body?

  In foreign countries, there is a saying that “fruit in the morning is gold, silver from noon to 3 pm, copper from 3 to 6 pm, and lead after 6 pm”.

Morning is the golden time to eat fruits. Choosing to eat fruits in the morning is the most effective for the human body. It can also exert nutritional value and produce substances beneficial to human health.

There is some truth to this statement, but it is not so absolute.

  It is now known that fruits have at least the following effects: First, the supplementary fibers such as pectin, cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin contained in fruits can promote interaction vibration and defecation, and have a good effect in order to prevent and treat constipation.The residence time of stool in intermediates has certain effects on the prevention of colon cancer, etc .; It is beneficial for the replacement of lead and other heavy metals in the human body from the body; it reduces the absorption of prevention; it provides a place and nutrition for the normal flora in the body,It is beneficial to maintain the flora balance in the intermediate.

  Second, fruits are rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, and the metabolized products are alkaline, so they are called alkaline foods.

The meat, fish, eggs, aquatic products, soy products and other metabolic products are acidic and belong to acidic foods.

The human body’s metabolism can only proceed normally under weak alkaline conditions.

Many people now eat acidic high-protein, high-faeces, and high-calorie foods to make the blood acidic, so fruits are of great significance to correct the acidic environment and maintain normal pH in the body.

  Third, the source of vitamin C that humans need is fruits in addition to vegetables. Fruits also have a synergistic effect on vitamin C.

  In addition, proteases present in fruits can promote protein digestion; flavonoids in fruits such as citrus, cherry, lemon, sea buckthorn and the like have the effect of scavenging free radicals.

  To play the role of fruit, the right way to eat is important.

  In terms of three meals-in general, eating fruit before breakfast can both be appetizing and promote vitamin absorption. After a night’s rest in the human body, the function is still active and the digestive function is not strong, but the body needs to supplement enough nutrientsAt this time, eating fruits that are easy to absorb can provide nutrition for work or study activities in the morning.

However, it is best to choose fruits that are not too acidic and not astringent, such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes, etc.

People with poor gastrointestinal function should not eat fruit in this ranking.

  At about 10 am, after a period of intense work and study, it has basically been exhausted. At this time, if you eat a fruit, the fructose and glucose can be quickly absorbed by the body to supplement the energy required by the brain and the body.This phase also happens to be the active phase of the body’s absorption. The large amount of vitamins and minerals in fruits has a very good promotion effect on the metabolic pathways in the body.

  Chinese medicine believes that: around ten o’clock in the morning, the yang qi rises, which is the strongest time of the spleen and stomach, and those with weak spleen and stomach choose to eat fruit at this time, which is more conducive to absorption by the body.

Eating fruits 1 hour after a meal can help digestion and replace fruits with high organic acid content such as pineapple, kiwi, orange, hawthorn.

Eating fruit after dinner is not conducive to digestion, but it is easy to eat too much, causing the sugar in it to become unfortunately accumulated in the body.

  Fruit contains essential vitamins, minerals, glucose, crude fiber, protein, and micronutrients, which can promote physical health, prevent diseases, and promote beauty and beauty. It is the most popular natural health food for modern people.
  Now is the time for a large number of fresh fruits to hit the market.

However, it takes time to eat fruits. The best meal for fresh fruits is in the morning.

Eating fruits is also the same. If you choose to eat fruits in the morning, it will have better nutritional value for the human body and produce substances beneficial to human health.

This is because, after a night’s sleep, the body’s gastrointestinal function is still active and its digestive function is not strong, but it needs to supplement enough various nutrients. At this time, eating fruits that absorb and digest can absorb the work or study activities in the morning.Nutritional needs.

  Eat before or after meals?

  Fat people eat before meals, thin people eat after meals.

  Fruit itself produces less heat and is a low-calorie food. If you eat fruit first and eat it, replacing a certain volume in the stomach will help reduce the amount of other foods you eat, prevent excessive intake of heat, and control weight., Prevent obesity has a certain effect.

For people who need to lose weight, eating fruit before meals has a better effect than just a controlled diet.

  However, for people of normal weight or who need to gain weight, fruit should be eaten after meals.

How long after a meal this way can be determined according to personal feelings.

If the food intake during the stay is already large and the stomach is full, you can eat fruits 1-2 hours after a meal; if the food is not too much and not greasy during the stay, it feels that there is more food in the stomachI was eating fruit.

Many people have this experience, because they eat half a watermelon every day in the summer, and in the summer, they grow a lot of meat.

This is precisely due to the increase in sugar cuts beyond meals, resulting in an increase in aunts.

  Never remember to keep in mind four points before and after meals. First, don’t eat fruits with too strong sour and astringent taste on an empty stomach to avoid irritating the stomach. It may also form insoluble substances with the protein in the stomach.

  Second, don’t eat fruit immediately after you’re full.

This will block the food that arrives early in the stomach, causing the fruit to not be digested normally in the stomach, but to ferment in the stomach, causing symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation.

Over time, this can lead to digestive dysfunction and additional energy.   Third, the temperature of the fruit is particularly important.

If you eat a small amount of greasy food and then eat a lot of cold fruits, the blood vessels in the stomach will be cold-contracted, which will weaken the stomach and intestines, and may be sensitive to cold and cold.

Therefore, it is advisable to eat fruit at room temperature, and do not greedy fruit just taken out of the refrigerator.

  Fourth, due consideration should be given to physical fitness when selecting fruit varieties.

People with diabetes should choose fruits with low sugar content and high pectin, such as strawberries and peaches. Patients with anemia should choose longan, dates and strawberries with high vitamin C content; diabetes is easy.
In this regard, you can consult a Chinese medicine expert to decide.

  In addition, eating fruit is not good, it is good for the body. If you eat too much or overeating, or it doesn’t match the season, it will cause illness.