What should be paid attention to when applying for a job?

What should be paid attention to when applying for a job?

How can women succeed in the fierce job search competition?

With the advancement of the times and the change of social concepts, most employers have imposed gender restrictions on the selection of employees, but there are still phenomena that employers have more and higher requirements for female job applicants.

In the process of applying for a job, some women often misplace themselves in the right position, blindly trying to get everything right, resulting in unsatisfactory work.

  In fact, with good qualities, excellent study performance and integrated interpersonal communication skills will make women welcome by employers at any time.

Women who understand modern office skills such as computer operation and Chinese and English typing are more popular.

The key is what kind of mentality and what issues should women pay attention to during the job search process?

  1. Self-confidence is affected by factors such as physiological characteristics and social prejudice. Women are more likely to have inferiority. This is the enemy of job hunting.

In fact, in addition to some physical weaknesses, women also have many strengths that men lack.

Women are generally stronger than men in terms of language expression, hard work and endurance, memory, and carefulness.

Therefore, in the process of choosing a job, women should dare to show their self-confidence in front of the employer, and strive to exert and use their advantages.

  2. Be good at showing your charm. In the process of applying for a job, women show their charms moderately. The effect is beyond the reach of men.

First of all, pay attention to being generous and decent in dressing. Strive for natural hair style. Don’t wear luxurious clothes. Make-up should not be strong and elegant. Be polite and polite.Concisely state your point.

  3. It is common to dare to accept setbacks. It is common for women to face job setbacks. Women should face up to setbacks, sum up experience and lessons in a timely manner, adjust job selection expectations, and bravely accept employer selection.

Without the shadow of frustration, too many precious opportunities may be lost.

Goji chrysanthemum tea

Goji chrysanthemum tea

Ingredients: 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 15 grams of chrysanthemum. Method: Use boiling water to pour in the ingredients and cover for 1 hour, then it can be used as a tea.Pingganmingmu effect. ”

Modern pharmacology shows that chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which is an important substance for maintaining eye health.

Chrysanthemum tea has a clear head, bright eyes, and is especially good for liver flaming. The eyes with dryness caused by excessive eyes have better effects. Computer families who often feel dry eyes, it is good to drink more chrysanthemum tea.

  Lycium barbarum, “tonifying the kidney and regenerating essence, nourishing the liver, improving eyesight, strengthening the bones, removing fatigue, easy color, whitening, soothing eyesight, and longevity.

“Modern medicine proves that wolfberry has obvious curative effect on the so-called” sub-healthy “people who often feel tired and physically weak.

Year 6 students become new anxiety

Year 6 students become “new anxiety”

When it comes to “Xiao Shengchu”, the head of the girl is Dao. When it comes to the allocation and choice of school, the sixth-year girl Junjun who is studying in a primary school in a province in Haizhu District is right.
“The allocation is simple, there is no need to take an exam, but I don’t know what kind of middle school I will go to.
So I still want to choose a school.
Although I have to take an exam, I can’t help it.
Her mother, Ms. Liu, told reporters that from the second semester of the sixth grade, she and her husband became more and more worried.
He urged his daughter more often, and his tone was more serious. When he had time to think about “Xiao Shengchu”, he frowned unconsciously for a long time.
For Zijun, pressure is everywhere.
“The teacher need not say.
Students will also discuss what school they want to take, how many points to take, what to do if they are unlucky to assign a place, and so on.
Huang Jialiang, a national senior psychological counselor who presided over the lecture, told reporters that elementary school students are more susceptible to the effects of surrounding stress.
In the cases he has contacted, some children have been blamed by their parents and teachers for failing to perform well in one exam, and their self-confidence has been impaired.
“As a result, the children were nervous, confused, and severely suffered from insomnia, headaches, and stomachaches.
“Fathers are more nervous than their children.” According to a questionnaire distributed at the lecture site, 53% of the students “very much” about the test results, and 53% of the students “very disliked” to discuss learning problems with their parents.
  However, parents seem more nervous before their child’s exam.
Thirty percent of parents experience tension, anxiety, fear, or uneasiness before their child’s test; however, only 20% of students have the same emotions.
  Interestingly, 46% of parents and 47% of students are afraid to see a teacher.
“The teacher asked us to talk, and there must be no good things.
“A lot of students and parents at the scene have such views.
  Three parties can help each other to overcome the anxiety before the test. Huang Jialiang said that the source of anxiety is actually the expected value.
When people think that expectations may not be met, people will worry, and worry will cause anxiety.
He taught a few simple and easy ways to relax the body, just stretching the head, shoulders, hands and legs, which is quite effective.
In fact, teachers, students, and parents should fully communicate, trust and help each other to minimize anxiety before the test.

Make the most of your cream_1

Make the most of your cream

Whether it’s a top skincare product or an affordable product, absorption is the key.

Experts and professors, simple and small methods to increase the effectiveness of your cream several times.


hzh {display: none; }  几乎每位女性都拥有至少一瓶面霜,但你知道吗,无论你选择的是奢华天价面霜,还是亲和平价产品,用一些简单的方法就能轻松让面霜本来的The utility has increased several times!
Please use the tips from the skin care experts to steal the cream. You will find new surprises in the small cream bottle.


Simplify skincare procedures. Instead of using the essence before the cream every day, it does not prevent you from trying to apply the essence before the mask, and then apply it on the mask. The hydrating or moisturizing mask can be used, only once or twice a week., Twice reducing the daily skin care steps, you can get better skin care results, because the active ingredients in the essence will be better absorbed.

Of course, after finishing the mask, remember to apply the night cream again.


Do you think your cream is too thick and oily to absorb in advance?

Before use, clean your hands, heat the cream with the temperature of your fingers, let it reach the right temperature, and better integrate the brakes with your skin.


You must be patient. The effectiveness of a cream is not visible in three days, but it takes about two months. To make an analogy, you need to spend these hours to make your skin hear, understand and perform those effects.Contained information.

It takes at least three weeks for the skin cells to fully absorb the cream from the inside out, and then it takes another three weeks for those brand new cells to grow to the surface.

So don’t blame your cream for being ineffective, first cultivate your patience.


To ensure absorption and fall asleep, you must ensure that the night cream you apply before bedtime is completely absorbed by the skin, because as long as the cream floats on the surface of the skin, once the skin touches the pillow, those coated creams will be “knocked off.”

If necessary, you can use a hair dryer to gently blow your face to help the skin absorb the cream.


Not easy to DIY.

  Adding vitamin capsules to the cream does not increase the effectiveness of the cream, because the mixture you add is not homogeneous with the cream itself, so it will have little effect.


Exfoliate at least once a week to remove excess dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, which will prevent the cream from absorbing it.

However, do not harm the skin while exfoliating. If you are psychologically afraid of scrub particles, it is better to choose a mild, enzyme-free, exfoliating product.


Do not use an expired cream. The active ingredients in the cream will expire.

The prescribed use period of different creams can be found on the package. It is an icon of a small opened box. The middle number represents the effective storage month after the cream is used.

It is recommended to use a marker to write the opening date on the bottom of the cream jar so that you can clearly know whether the cream has expired.


“Smoothing” wrinkles Before applying the cream, you can use sterile gauze to soak the essence and apply it to the shells. This is like ironing. You can “smooth” the wrinkles, law lines, lip lines, and head lines on the corners of the eyes.Applying a cream with anti-wrinkle function can do more with less.


Graded treatment, supplementary use can be tried in stages when using creams and serums. For example, we all know that vitamin A and vitamin C have complementary effects on our skin, but the two are incompatible in the same formula.Therefore, you can use one of these serums and one cream separately, and it can be supplemented after using it.


Think about the environment.

hzh {display: none; }  究竟该如何选择面霜?Generally speaking, your first thought is your age, but experts think that it is better to give priority to the environment and the season than the age.

Because the most important thing for the skin is its environment, such as how long is it exposed to the sun?

What is the temperature and humidity, and is it often changed?What is the emotional stress index?

Is your lifestyle healthy?

These are the keys to skin texture, not your age.


The habit of picking the cream with a pick stick is much more economical than dipping with a finger. It also ensures that the cream will not be contaminated.

After dipping, remember to rinse with water.

In addition, some special materials can also be used for massage, using it to apply cream can promote blood and oxygen circulation.


Choose creams according to your needs Learn to choose the efficacy of your creams according to your needs, rather than blindly follow the trend and the latest technology.

If you want your skin to become more radiant, then choose a cream containing AHA.

If you smoke and your skin looks suspended and energized, then a cream containing vitamin C is more suitable for you.

If you want to prevent skin aging, you can try a cream rich in hyaluronic acid.


With oral capsules act from the inside out.

If you want to achieve moisturizing and anti-wrinkle effects, it is not enough to rely on a cream alone. You also need to match some oral capsules to get better results, especially for those who want to repair UV damage and fight free radicals.

Choosing the same series of products can make your life easier and replace the essence, day cream, night cream and eye cream of the same series.

This can prevent the mutual conflict between different products, and also make the effect better.


First use moisturizing lotion to imagine that there are two sponges, one moist and one completely dry. Drop a drop of water on the two sponges, respectively. The wet sponge can restore better absorption of water.So, free radicals are, in order to make your cream better absorbed, remember to use moisturizing lotion before using the cream to lock the natural moisture in the skin.

Winter skin cases should pay attention to prevention_1

Winter skin cases should pay attention to prevention

Recently, the number of dermatological patients visiting the hospital has increased significantly in the summer.

The patient suffered from itching and groaning: some sighed; some complained; some scratched their elbows and scratched their heads . Looking at the affected areas, most of them were spotted pimples, leaking, dry, crusted, rough,Hypertrophy and cracks.

  Case Case 1 Master Huo, almost fifty this year.

One month ago, some pimples appeared on the extremities. I bought a bottle of ointment for application at the pharmacy, but the pimples not only disappeared, but they became one piece, and gradually spread from the extremities to the head, face, chest, and back.

He hurried to a small clinic and was diagnosed with ill.

He took too much medicine, but the medication was always effective, and he relapsed after stopping the medicine. The hormone medicine was also used, but his condition became more and more serious.

  Case study 2 Jia Jia is a college student who loves beauty. She unfortunately developed eczema and dermatitis 2 years ago. She went to many hospitals for treatment and also used a variety of external skin medications. However, her condition was repeated over and over, and she never recovered.Delayed healing, leakage of the affected area, dryness, crusting, rough, thick and cracked, and accompanied by the troupe. In the summer, he did not dare to wear skirts, his temper became irritable, his personality became suspicious, and Jiajia was extremely painful.

  High incidence of skin diseases in autumn.

Because bacteria and viruses multiply and spread in autumn, they can easily cause infectious diseases and skin diseases.

The most common skin diseases are hay fever, dermatitis, acne, and eczema.

  High incidence of dermatosis in autumn Recently, the number of patients with dermatosis visiting the hospital increased significantly in summer.

The patient suffered from itching and groaning: some sighed; some complained; some scratched their elbows and scratched their heads . Looking at the affected areas, most of them were spotted pimples, leaking, dry, crusted, rough,Hypertrophy and cracks.
  It is understood that some of them have been sick for a long time, and the multi-party treatment is still ineffective, and it happens again and again, more severe than once.

There are also those who have just discovered the disease and want to get medical treatment as soon as possible. After the patients generally change into the spring, the disease recurs or the symptoms worsen. They all came to the hospital with fear and hope.

  Tips on how to prevent skin diseases: Drug abuse is a taboo. For patients with skin diseases, the most taboo is to use drugs by themselves. Because some patients cannot properly treat their condition, they cannot get correct treatment in time, and even some patients are private.Using hormonal drugs indiscriminately or believing in some of the so-called ancestral secrets of doctors who are only profitable, and cure all diseases.

These not only can not cure the disease, but also delay the treatment and cause serious hidden dangers of complications.

In particular, do not apply topical application with irritating drugs or hormone drugs.

Although these practices can alleviate the temporary itch, after all, correcting the correct treatment to delay the opportunity and produce symptoms such as hormone dependence, over time, the exacerbation is even more serious.

  Trick number two: When the symptoms appear, the doctor should promptly consult the doctor: Once the patient notices skin discomfort, he should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Even if the opportunity for treatment is lost, do not “break the jar”. You should actively go to the hospital for treatment, and a professional doctor should choose the symptomatic treatment according to different conditions.

  1. Acute eczema dermatitis: manifested as dense miliform papules or pimples, conscious onset of pruritus, ulcerated or slightly eroded surface after scratching, and crusting, which can spread and expand to form lymphadenopathyOr tenderness.

  2. Subacute eczema dermatitis: The skin lesions are mainly small pimples, scales, and scabs, with a small amount of small blisters and erosion, and itching and vomiting.

  3. Chronic eczema dermatitis: manifested as thickened skin, rough, brownish red or grayish, covered with a small amount of scales or crusts, or leaking, easy to relapse and difficult to heal.

  Due to many eczema, dermatitis patients have not been treated correctly and effectively, often recurrent, causing patients to suffer from insomnia or superficial sleep, and even change the person’s personality, which is easy to be suspicious or irritable.

  4, pruritus: itchy skin dermatitis with pruritus as the main symptom.

Light during the day, heavy at night, often drinking, eating irritating food before going to bed, emotional excitement, temperature changes, scratching, bumping or aggravation after friction, can be scratched repeatedly due to itching, causing scratches and bleeding on the skin surface,Epidermal flaking, hyperpigmentation, cleft palate, scabbing, secondary skin damage such as local edema, erosion, hypertrophy, lichenification, eczema, etc., in severe cases secondary folliculitis, eczema.

Patients often suffer from insomnia or restlessness due to pruritus, lack of energy during the day and affecting appetite.

  5. Skin ills: Traditional Chinese medicine is also known as “ringworm, ringworm”, “ringworm”, and “rubella”.

The basic lesions of skin ringworm (the clinical features of psoriasis vulgaris) are inflammatory red papules or maculopapular rashes, the surface is covered with multiple layers of silvery white scales, and shiny membranes and spotted bleeding can be seen when scraping the scales, and the basal infiltration is obviousThere may be isomorphic reactions.

According to different clinical manifestations, they can be divided into four types: ordinary type, pustular type, joint type, and erythrodermic type, each with its different clinical characteristics.

How to save dry skin!


How to save dry skin!

Air pollution, radiation, ultraviolet rays, etc. are hurting our skin every day.

And our first line of defense against these foreign injuries is our sebum film.

It covers the skin surface, which can prevent the skin from drying out and make the skin soft and elastic.

It can be said that it is the most natural “lotion”.


hzh {display: none; }  皮脂膜,是一种看不见摸不着的物质,由皮肤内的水分、油脂、皮脂蛋白、角质细胞组成,是一种水的形式,但又溶在角质层内.

The sebum film has a great responsibility. It is responsible for protecting the skin’s natural moisturizing factors and external damage, and preventing the loss of moisture inside the skin, while maintaining the skin’s moisture.

It is no exaggeration to say that the hydrolipidic film is responsible for moisturizing the skin.

  The contribution of sebum film to the skin: 1. Barrier effect. Sebum film can prevent the skin’s transitional evaporation, and prevent large amounts of external moisture and certain substances from penetrating. As a result, a large amount of skin remains normal.

  2. Moisturizing the skin, the lipid part of the sebum membrane reconstitutes the skin to be flexible, smooth, and shiny; the water in the hydrolipid membrane transfers the skin to keep it moist to prevent dryness and cracking.

  3. Anti-infective effect Some free fatty acids in the sebum membrane can induce the growth of certain pathogenic microorganisms and have a self-purifying effect on the skin.

  Sebum membrane damage manifestations: 1, the skin appears red, and even sensitive.

  2. The skin feels dry and tight after cleansing.

  3, especially prone to pigmentation.

  4. The skin is dry and dehydrated, even dull, and loses its elasticity.

  The three main culprits that cause sebum membrane damage1. Wash your face repeatedly and cleanse your face excessively.

  Excessive cleansing, especially cleaning products using alkaline ingredients, will not only break the acid-base balance of the skin, cause bacteria to enter and water loss; excessive sebum will be destroyed, but it will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands.For the eyebrows that are prone to acne, it is even worse.

  2. The skin PH value cannot be balanced. The sebum film is naturally weakly acidic. Cleaning the skin with ordinary tap water will cause natural damage, so be sure to use skin tightening water to adjust the skin PH value.

  3. The thinner the sebum film is at higher age, the sebum film will become thinner and thinner with age, and the health is not as good as before, which can easily cause sensitive substances to invade the skin.

  Corresponding measures for sebum film damage of different skin types: 1. Dry skin: The skin stratum corneum is thin, the amount of oil secreted is small, and prone to water scars.

The skin is tarnished, and various skin problems such as lack of water and stains appear, and the hydrolipidic film is seriously harmed.

  Solution: Pay attention to moisturizing after washing your face. Dry skin is originally dry. In addition, the severe winter weather makes the skin dry and dry, and the dry skin is dehydrated and oily. Moisturizing work can only be more or less.

  A cream suitable for dry skin to build a sebum film: Nuxe Water Lily Youth Special Cream 370 yuan / 50ml skin instantly becomes silky, feels comfortable, smooth and soft, and even very dry skin will restore moisture after use.

Fine lines gradually disappear after being used, the skin looks radiant and the contours of the face become younger.


Oily skin: The reason why the face is shiny, in addition to strong oil secretion, but also because of lack of water.

Insufficient moisture in the sebum membrane destroys the normal physiological environment of the sebum membrane, darkens the complexion, has large pores, and notices blackheads, which easily causes acne and produces acne marks.

The skin is in a sub-healthy state with an imbalance of water and oil.

hzh {display: none; }  解决方案:选择温和不刺激的洁面产品。Oily skin lacks water and oil, so moisturizing is essential in skin care procedures. A moist, non-greasy lotion is the best choice for rebuilding sebum film for oily skin.

  235 yuan / 30ml unique crystal liquid formula to adjust the skin’s water-oil balance, improve the “dryness of the outer oil and the inside”, and create the skin’s water-oil balance.

Soothes irritation and reduces skin sensitivity.

  3. Mixed skin: imbalance of sebum film, dry limbs, T-zone oil, uneven skin tone, and the dual characteristics of dry skin and oily skin appear at the same time.

  Solution: The moisturizing work of mixed skin should be carried out in zones. The water and oil balance in the T zone and the moisturizing and hydrating zone in the U zone. In particular, the use of functional products such as whitening and freckle should be avoided.serious.

  A cream suitable for sensitive and combination skin, a sebum-proof cream, Liridan Soothing Cream 230 yuan / 40ml. Use SERENACTIV to improve skin tolerance for a long time.

After applying the treatment 2 times / day for 1 month, it reduced erythema, edema, and dryness by 75%, and reduced burning, dryness, itching, and tingling sensation by 88%.   4. Red-blooded skin: sebum film is more easily damaged, the skin stratum corneum is thinner, both chests are red, sensitive, and the skin is poorly tolerated.

  The solution: Repairing sebum membranes also requires repairing red blood cells. Skin care products replace mild, non-irritating, plant-based products.

  A cream suitable for red-blooded skin to build a sebum film. Euclid Botanical Repair Spray 245 yuan / 150ml instantly dilute red blood-blood, triple botanical essence repairs red blood capillaries.

It has remarkable repair and maintenance effects on red bloodshot skin, and is mild and insensitive.


1、复合组俯卧撑(水平,上斜,下斜)  练习肌肉:胸肌、肩三角肌、上背肌、肱三头肌。练法:3组连续做,组间只有变换姿势时的停顿。  A、标准俯卧撑——两手撑地同肩宽,腿与背伸直,两脚并拢,臂伸直,锁肘关节。眼向前看,不要看地,下降身体至胸几乎触地,保持背挺直,然后有控制地推起身体恢复起始姿势。注意动作节奏。  B、上斜俯卧撑——两手撑在50——70厘米高的长凳上。身体下降至胸与手平行,再用力撑起。这个练习主要是练胸肌下部。除了长凳,也可以把手撑在健身球上做,这样难度更大,因为更多的肌肉会参与动作来保持平衡,包括腰腹肌。  C、下斜俯卧撑——两脚放在长凳上支撑,手置于地上。下降身体至胸几乎触地后推起。这种练法主要针对胸肌上部与肩肌前部。也可以用健身球代替来增加身躯干肌肉的参与。  2、强力俯卧撑  练习肌肉:胸肌、肩肌、上背肌、肱三头肌。  起始姿势与标准俯卧撑相同,但是在右手置于地面的同时,左手放在一个大约20厘米高的支撑物上。慢慢下降身体直到左肩靠近左手,然后用爆发力撑起身来,使双手有一个短暂的腾空。在双手腾空的瞬间身体稍向左转,使左手落在地面,而右手落在支撑物上。  3、俯卧撑转体  练习肌肉:肩三角肌后束、腰侧肌、腰背肌下部。  起始动作与标准俯卧撑相同。在撑起身体,两臂伸直后身份向右旋转,右臂上举,同时眼睛也随着右臂的动作向右上方看,短暂停顿后恢复开始姿势,换做另一侧。  4、肱三头肌俯卧撑  练习肌肉:肱三头肌。  与标准俯卧撑做法相同,但两手并拢支撑并有一点内旋,使得拇指与食指形成一个三角型。这就改变了肱三头肌的负重。

Leaking minds of single women

Leaking minds of single women

1. When a woman and his favorite man meet unexpectedly, they will lower their heads involuntarily when they first see them, but they will occasionally look at the corners of their eyes. If you keep looking at her, usually she will continue to lower her head or look elsewhere until you doPay attention to watching you secretly, of course, some girls will show you back generously, but this is a minority!

Because most women are afraid that they show a good feeling for boys, they will feel casual and frivolous.


The sense of direction is very poor, women who drive the wrong way often can see some interesting phenomena when watching women drive!

First of all, they are always cautious. The speed limit is 60 kilometers. They drive at 30 kilometers per hour to show you. Even if there are no buses on the road, people who drive behind the sudden death when turning or parking are the most common fact.Lost, without a sense of direction.

  If she is justified in getting lost in an unfamiliar place, if she is not familiar with her neighborhood or work route, this type of woman is usually very dependent on others, especially prefers to ask for directions directly rather than check the map.Or they do n’t understand the road map better. If they encounter something, they often ask for help, lack of autonomy and subjective ideas. If she is your wife, you must be a 24-hour caregiver as a husband, absolutely not.Make her feel that you are not reliable, otherwise there will be endless racks or even red apricots coming out of the wall!


Women who feel that watching pornography is very disgusting. Usually women will show a low-level disgusting expression in front of men. In fact, men do n’t care too much. Although such women say that they are disgusting in their mouths, they are quite personal to others.Curious, when talking about other people ‘s gossip, they show no mercy or even add jealousy to themselves. They are absolutely not lost in soap dramas. They are loyal readers of paparazzi magazines.

  The great thing is!

They often keep talking about their mouths, but they still do it, and then get upset, can’t hold it up and can’t let go. She is afraid that others will notice her private life, so she uses other methods to make people focus.


Most of the women who have a good opinion of middle-aged mature men or bosses are women over 25 years old, who will actively look for an MR.

CENTER is the object of marriage. At this time, looks are not as important as Dodo Kim, and the sense of humor is not equal to the stable and stable personality. All the impressions of Prince Charming when young were cruel reality, especially women at work often appeared in the company.Middle-level executives around the age of 35 have a favorable opinion. They have the stability and achievements that men of the same age do not have. Because of this, they are less likely to have emotional ups and downs.

But in fact, there are not many people who really choose, this is really a woman’s paradoxical mentality!

  The women who really interact with middle-aged men have the following firsts. After hours, they lack the care of their elders. When they grow up, they have a tendency to have patriotic plots. Second, women with significant, mature and rational thoughts will feel that men of the same age are unreliable.And naive thoughts third, once had the experience of failing to interact with men of similar age, and switched to accepting the love of forgetting the fourth, fearing to suffer emotional damage, and urgently needed a sense of security and dependence on belonging5.

In chatting with her boyfriend, other men and women are often mentioned. Many women will seize the psychological weakness of the man, and make the man stick to her more desperately. The most common trick is to inadvertently talk about other things when chatting with her boyfriend.Names or things of irrelevant men.

Men in love usually avoid mentioning previous male friends or the opposite sex in order to prevent the other person from being suspicious or other harm. However, after a while, some girls will inadvertently mention the company or the previous university when chatting.Classmate’s name or thing, although the woman may only understate it, the man may not respond, but the heart is surging!


There are some women who often ask her boyfriend to swear to Heaven. Almost often, her boyfriend swears to Tian: “I truly love you”, “I won’t change my heart, or thunder and thunder” and so on.

If your girlfriend is also typical, be careful!

Usually they hold a distrustful attitude towards love, often accompanied by the vow of each other to confirm their love; but when the vow becomes a formulaic answer, she will empathize in pursuit of another new vowLove, Sasha Biabia once said: “A man’s vow will only make a woman betray him!

“So smart, you have to know that sweet words can often be spoken, just don’t swear in front of women!


Women who like to keep pets are becoming more and more pregnant, especially as more and more metropolitan women start to raise pets. Pet stores around the shop are opening more and more. Most loyal customers who come to the house have female subjects and are pets.Many people who smashed large banknotes were present.

Analyzing the reasons, it is not difficult to find that such women usually want to restore the emptiness generated by the inability to meet the ideal man by caring for pets. After all, raising puppies and kittens is much simpler than falling in love without worrying.The other side will change heart.

  Another reason why women keep pets is because they want to create a world where they can fully control and care for themselves. They do n’t like or are good at human-to-human (especially with the opposite sex) interaction, preferring simpler animals.Found in the world.


A woman who keeps her eyes open while kissing is very romantic!

Most people involuntarily close their eyes when kissing, especially women, because women are inherently more sensitive to touch than vision in sexual desire. This is why many women must be willing to have sex after turning off the lights, so as to focus the senses.The deep contact with the body makes that romantic lust stronger, but some women like to keep their eyes wide open when kissing. There are usually two different explanations for such women: the first is that she has a slower sense of sex and cannot concentrateThe spirit, the tendency to have a sense of coldness; the other is that she is a master of love, and already feels like a regular meal to sex. When kissing, she needs a new feeling. Opening a kiss can see the expression of the other person.Much more fun than having sex!


Women who show photos to men when they are young Usually women are very mindful of showing others (especially the opposite sex) photos of themselves when they are young, especially nude photos when they were just born or headshots when they were in middle school.

Because most people ‘s photos are very “clumsy” when they are young, let alone friends of the opposite sex, and sometimes even close friends cannot see them.

  If one day a woman takes a picture of her childhood or an ugly head in private, it may be that she is suggesting a good impression on you.

Because she has already removed you from your heart defense, your psychological distance is quite close, so you should seize the opportunity!


A woman who likes to ponytail her hair, in addition to pursuing fashion or work needs, a woman who usually likes to ponytail her hair is usually an independent woman with a strong sense of self. She has her own ideas for everything.It’s a bit like Capricorn’s personality: stubborn choice.

Want to change her mind, unless you can come up with a way to convince her, and when she’s in a bad mood, say less and do more. When the audience is the best policy, wait until her mood eases and talk to herChat is a good way!

  In fact, women always like her boyfriend to notice her and care about her in love.Therefore, a lot of tortuous looks, her true correctness is to use this method to attract your attention.

If you really like her, then try to learn more about her, and learn more about your feelings.

White-collar men’s health advice 4 points

White-collar men’s health advice 4 points

The body of a successful white-collar man seems to be more valuable.

Coughing and rushing into Mercedes-Benz, sitting in the executive chair, sweating, this seems to be the most sad and mournful contrast under the sun, and is the most unwilling thing for many white-collar men.

Let’s listen to some experts’ advice on “White-collar men’s fitness”: Cultivate “Weekend Fighter Syndrome”: “The biggest difference between men and women is that they like to cultivate comrades through sports and friends.

“Every week’s work is a fight, whether it is against a fierce basketball game or a relatively gentle golf, you can let the body’s large and small “parts” do a relaxing break.

Therefore, regular contraction exercise; strict weight control, participate in a suitable aerobics training class; every week to carry out an effective and effective exercise.

  Make your joints more flexible: “Most men’s joints are not very flexible.

“It is easy to produce a feeling of tension around the tibia and gastrocnemius muscle, and it is this tension that causes the pelvis to sag, causing soreness.

There is a good way to alleviate this symptom: lie flat on the floor, wrap your left knee with both hands, and slowly guide your knees to the body for about 10 seconds, then the right knee.

Do it once a day at the beginning, and increase it to 2 every day?
3 times.

  Learn to pick up items correctly: This seems to be a topic of no value.

“Most people simply bend down and grab the item and get up and go.

“But this is very incorrect, because it will cause excessive stress on your back, which can easily lead to sharp pain and chronic discomfort.

The correct posture should be to completely squat down, grab the item and slowly get up.

  Narrow your “beer belly”: the “beer belly” that is aligned forward is no longer the same. It makes the center of gravity lean forward, increasing the burden on the buttocks muscles and causing muscle soreness.

Stair climbing, swimming, walking, and boating are all good ways to help you control and cut your waistline, returning your body to its original normal position.

Netizen tricks girls how to gain weight

Netizen tricks girls how to gain weight

Q: I am a girl, only 40kg in 160cm. How to increase fat becomes my trouble, too thin to wear clothes are not good!

The waist is also thin, but my parents are not thin!

How to do?

  Netizen semolina baby: first check if the body has diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other diseases. If the disease is ruled out, it will be easier to eat. Dinner will be late, eat after dinner for a while, or eat something before going to bed.

At first, I feel that my stomach is uncomfortable, I will adapt to it again, and then I will be fat.

  Netizen grave: First you have to know why you are not fat.

Is it bad sleep, or bad appetite, or other reasons.

Specific reasons for specific analysis.

Generally, thin stomach absorption is not good.

This can be conditioned.

Girls gain weight can go to aerobics, swim, practice yoga, enhance appetite; eat more foods with high conversion, such as milk, cream cake, chocolate and so on.

  Netizen whirlpool Xiaolan: First, to alleviate your mental stress, you can solve things without worrying, and worry about things that can’t be solved are useless. Second, to ensure normal life rules, less stimulating (including physiological andPsychological), don’t sleep too much or too little, as long as you sleep less than an hour under normal circumstances; third, you must exercise properly, play, and run, the length of time does not matter, how to increase fatTo ensure good health; fourth, less sick, pay attention to self-regulation, once you find physical discomfort, you must find a solution; fifth, haha, that is to eat more potatoes and pork, drink more broth, you can eat some night snacks at night., (PS: pay attention to maintain oral hygiene); sixth, is the happy point of life.