Can trigeminal neuralgia scrape cure-

Can trigeminal neuralgia curettage?

[Introduction]”Trigeminal neuralgia” is sometimes called “face pain” and is easily replaced with toothache.

It is a kind of paroxysmal neuralgia that occurs repeatedly in the distribution area of facial trigeminal nerve. Trigeminal neuralgia is one of the common diseases in neurosurgery and neurology.

  [Overview]Trigeminal neuralgia refers to transient, paroxysmal, lightning-like severe pain that occurs inside the trigeminal nerve distribution area.

The trigeminal nerve is divided into the branch of the eye, the branch of the maxilla and the branch of the mandible.

Trigeminal neuralgia is divided into two types: primary and secondary. The former has a short interval of several seconds to several minutes. It can be repeated several times to dozens of times a day. The interval can be asymptomatic and there is no trigeminal nerve organ.The pain caused by sensory and dyskinesia of qualitative fractures lasts longer, and the skin and skin feels impaired, and the primary disease can be checked.

  [Etiology and pathogenesis]This disease is caused by exogenous cold, meridian obstruction, and blood gas obstruction.

  [Symptoms and symptoms]Pain suddenly occurs, which is paroxysmal electric shock-like pain, such as tearing, acupuncture, and burning. The patient is extremely unbearable. Each time the pain is short, but it recurs.There are many.

The therapeutic effect of adolescent pure female carrots

The therapeutic effect of adolescent pure female carrots

There is a law in nature: female species are breeding offspring during adolescence, and must absorb and store nutrients in large quantities, regardless of taste and nutrition. Male species; “adolescent” female carrots have strong vitality and more active nutrients, so the therapeutic effectOutstanding, more healthy; pure “female carrot”, inherent natural phytoestrogens, has a magical effect on said gout.

  Modern medical research has found that female carrots have alkaline blood, promote purine metabolism, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar, lower blood sugar, help digestion, promote blood circulation, remove rheumatism, diuretic, detox, cough and asthma, prevent cancerCancer and other effects, and female carrots with high cell density have better therapeutic effects.

  Gout diet spectrum ① Acute onset period: 2 raw “female carrots” (50-240g / piece) with raw skin at one time, once every 30 minutes, three times in a row. After the pain is effectively relieved, the usage of “onset period” andDosage; ② Onset period: 2 raw “female carrots” (50-240g / piece) with skin and eclipse 2-3 times, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, once before bedtime; ③ recovery period: elimination of gout symptomsAfter that, take 1 “carrot” every day before going to bed. After one month, you can gradually resume your normal diet.

  ④ Health period: After the diet returns to normal, take 0 daily before bedtime.

5-1 “Female Carrots” can maintain normal physical condition for a long time without diet control, and the overall health level will be greatly improved.

  In addition, it was found that Northeast female carrots also have therapeutic effects on the following three major categories of diseases: ① Patients with gastric acid take half a “female carrot” when they have acid in the stomach, which can alleviate gastric acid in 15 minutes, and it can obviously help digestionPatients with gastric ulcer take half an hour after each meal, and even one month can be easily cured; ② hyperlipidemia, hypertension patients take a “female carrot”, relieve symptoms in about half an hour; if you add a potHigh-quality good tea will quickly make people clear-headed and relaxed. The humorous proverb of ancient times is the proof: “radish is hot tea, and mad doctors are climbing the street.”Efficacy and tea have a rare blend; ③ chronic cough, high blood pressure patients, take one at a time, three times a day, there will be obvious feeling that day, usually about 15 days can be easily cured.

Are you a poison woman?

Are you a “poison woman”?

Are you a “poison woman”?
  1. Which of the following adjectives is more suitable for you: : A: naive and simple, uncontested with the world B: gentle and delicate, rich in heart 2. Do you talk about personal topics in the workplace, or discuss others behind your back?
  A: Often B: Never hesitate 3. Do you have a split personality?
  A: No B: Yes 4: If you attend a large PARTY, what kind of perfume do you choose to spray?
  A: Fresh and elegant B: Rich and fragrant 5: What do you like to do when you are alone?
  A: Watch TV, go online, and chat with friends on the phone.
  B: Listen to music, read famous books, and make a rich dinner for yourself.
Enjoy the beauty of loneliness.
  6. How do you respond to the ardent pursuit of a younger boy than you, and you do not want to accept this relationship?
  A: Scornful, straightforward rejection, or complacent.
  B: He has his own set of methods, while at the same time politely refusing, he will not damage his self-esteem.
According to past experience, the boy will remain indifferent.
  7. How do you adjust your mentality in a short time when you are hurt?
  A: In the beginning, I will feel depressed or even depressed. I will use the method of overeating to relieve my depression.
Unless you start another relationship in a short time, this bad mood will be entangled for a long time.
  B: I know that love is not the whole of life.
Understand that you must not relieve yourself of stress at any time by hurting yourself. Whether it is frustration in love or obstacles in your career, you know you need to take care of yourself.
To maintain a good health and have a good attitude to life, career and love always follow.
  Choose A more: Charismatic woman-you have considerable talents and wisdom, can fully enjoy life, but not enough to reach the state of poison women.
Need to practice hard.
  Choice B: Poison Woman-You are a rational and intelligent poison woman. You know how to treat yourself well and deal with all life problems you encounter.
A woman like you is destined to become a poison that is difficult to resolve and resist in a man’s life.

Ten effective tips for slimming down

Ten effective tips for slimming down


Buying a digital scale looks so simple.

I recommend buying one accurate to 0 before starting to lose weight.

A digital scale of 2 (that is, 2% pounds).

I will explain why below.

I also suggest that you either buy an electronic scale to record your daily weight, or just write down your weight every day.

  I have bought such an electronic scale, it can be accurate to 0.

2 (ie 2%) and will note my weight, it only cost me 22 dollars at Sam’s Club (a big supermarket in the US).

It’s a successful investment.


Keep on weighing every day and you will find that almost every weight loss person will tell you that you only need to weigh once a week.

I suggest just the opposite.

Because face to face success, I would love to see daily (weight loss) results.

The reason why I recommend buying is accurate to 0.

The electronic scale of 2 is because if the previous day weighs 170.

8 pounds and 170 the next day.

At 0 pounds, there is a big difference between the two.

One day can be reduced by zero.

8 pounds is great.

  However, if your scale is not so accurate, after eating a whole day of healthy food plus hard exercise, if the display the next day is still 170 pounds, you will feel quite discouraged.

An accurate scale can keep you more positive about weight loss.

Good results are more, clear weight loss figures every day, weight loss is easier.


The suggestion of drinking 8 glasses of water a day is familiar, but it is for this reason that my recommendation is different.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can help you “less feel hungry.”

“I can’t prove this scientifically, but when I am at work, I usually drink 4 cups in the morning and 4 cups in the evening.

On certain days when I don’t drink water, I always feel hungry.

And, on some days when I do n’t drink, I feel sleepy early.

Don’t be intimidated by the number of 8 glasses of water.

Try my approach: I have a pint glass at work, with a capacity of about 16 inches (just like all pint glasses).

All I have to do is drink two in the morning and two in the afternoon.


Let others know that you are losing weight. Tell everyone that you are losing weight.

There is no need to be ashamed of losing weight.

I find that keeping weight loss confidential is harder than telling others.

In fact, telling your colleagues, girlfriends, family members, etc. to lose weight will increase your sense of responsibility.

It always reminds me: my colleagues and family know that I’m losing weight and I don’t want to disappoint them.

I also selected some expected “weight trend graphs” and put them on my refrigerator, in the room and inside.I hope that the change in weight keeps reminding me.

I know this is a cliché, but it’s still very important for me to remind myself to reach my ultimate goal.

  I think I should also remind everyone to keep this in mind. When I was 50 pounds overweight, I told people I was on a diet, but they all told me, “You don’t need to lose weight at all.

“It surprised me, because I was obviously overweight.

Be aware that you may hear similar comments.

I find accepting their “compliments” easier than trying to prove that I’m on a diet many times.

Remember, you are losing weight for yourself, so there is no need to prove anything to others.


Not dieting on weekends is another unconventional recommendation.

Even without a weekend diet, I could lose 50 pounds.

I found that if I let the diet continue through the weekend, I would feel tired, depressed, and even listless.

I think Friday and Saturday (my schedule) is used to celebrate the first 5 days of dieting success.

  You may find this unnecessary, especially during the first few weeks of weight loss.

However, in the past few Tuesdays, the weekend has become a weekly celebration of success for me, and I am preparing for the next week’s weight loss.

I think this is a kind of mental charge.


Don’t sacrifice your life for dieting Sometimes you will find yourself falling short of a healthy diet.

Whether or not you and your team are on business lunches, birthdays, or special occasions, there are always things like this that make you unable to eat healthy.

Even if you have to sacrifice for something in your life, losing weight must be a top priority.

I responded by swapping for a day when I wasn’t on a weekend.

Conversely, if I don’t diet on Tuesday, I can use Saturday instead.


It’s a fairly common secret to make small changes all the time, but mine is new.

Don’t give up what some weight-loss people suggest you give up (soda, coffee, beer, caffeine, etc.), as long as you have a healthier determination.

  I didn’t want to give up anything, so I decided to replace it with some changes.

The first change was that I switched to weight loss soda now.

Don’t worry, you’ll soon get used to it.

In the days before I started losing weight, I vowed that I would never drink weight soda again.

Now, thanks to my girlfriend, slimming soda is the only carbonated drink I drink.

The second change I made was to switch to black coffee.

  Without cream and sugar, you’ll realize its benefits because you have no calories.

The last big change is that I switched to “healthy” beer.

I often drink Miller’s refreshing beer, but occasionally drinking Baker’s Pure (60 calories per bottle), I can still enjoy a healthy social life while maintaining my weight loss plan.

  In addition to making a small range in your weight loss plan, make some changes in your life: park your car farther, walk to the end of the platform, take the last carriage, and swear not to take the elevator for a whole week.

I also noticed the benefits of being aware of a pedometer and trying to challenge myself if I could walk all day.

The farthest day I ever walked 6.

5 miles.

I also take the initiative to walk to work twice a month.


Understanding your weight loss process from multiple perspectives is just an incredibly small part of your life.
Suppose you live 80 years, and it only takes you four months to lose weight, which is 0 in your life.

In other words, dieting for 4 months is less than half of 1% of your life.

At the same time, think about what you use for just 0.

42% of life in exchange for a lot of benefits.

If this helps you stay motivated to lose weight, start the 120-day countdown now.


Reasonable exercise is especially troublesome to take time to the gym.

But doing half an hour of practice only accounts for 2% of your day time, assuming 24 hours a day (nonsense).

For me, the idea that inspires me the most is to compare the time spent in exercise with the soap opera.

As a fat fan of “Everyone Loves Redmond” (a movie about little farts), every time I want to sit down and watch an episode, I remind myself: In this half hour, I wasTo do nothing, go to complete the daily exercises.


Setting a Dangerous Weight Once you have successfully lost your intended weight, you need to maintain your current weight.

That’s why you set a dangerous weight.

You have to choose a weight and swear never to exceed it.

Fluctuations of 5 to 10 pounds are normal.

I suggest you choose a weight that is about ten pounds heavier than your usual weight and don’t exceed that weight.

Setting a dangerous weight allows me to maintain every pound of body weight for a year.

Four deadly dangers hidden under nail art

Four deadly dangers hidden under nail art

Inferior products are easy to poison. Many nail shops and nail polishes used in many nail shops and small stalls are not qualified. Experts say that long-term use of lead, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metal nail polish on filed nails, among whichHarmful ingredients are absorbed by the body through the nails. Chronic poisoning symptoms will occur many times, which will seriously affect women’s endocrine and increase the probability of breast cancer in women.

  Protective cheats: You must go to the beauty salon to choose a new quality product with national health permits. To avoid the use of chemical preservatives for human absorption, it is best to absorb the nutrient solution oil on the nails before using nail polish to reduceThe role of isolation, women who are preparing to become pregnant, pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid cosmetics marked with the word “replacement” to prevent causing miscarriage or deformity of the baby.

  Inflammation of the skin The first step in manicure is usually to remove the nails and file the nails. This will make the nails look more neat and the hands are much more delicate than before.

In fact, it will destroy the physiological function of the nail skin, and lose the protection of the nail skin, the nail will become very fragile, it will easily cause the subcutaneous tissue to become red, inflamed, swollen and painful, and it is easy to be infected.Paronychia, if it recurs, will eventually become chronic paronychia. In order to make the artificial nails more realistic, the surface layer of the nails is often filed out, and the nails lose the protective layer, and the acidic or alkaline substances are lost.Resistance, often nails can cause nails to break easily, yellow or black, and affect health.

  Protective cheats: The small skin next to the nails can be soaked in warm water or washed with warm water, and then gently filed with a nail crust file to retain a part to protect the nails. When sticking artificial nails, it is best not to put your own nail file.Too thin, just gently file off the surface to avoid harm to your health.

  The utensils are not sterilized and easily cross-infected. Many modern nail shops are very simple: a table, a chair, plus a set of nail polishes, brushes and other tools for nail art can be opened for business.

These nail stores provide customers with unclean beauty tools. The towels, tweezers, scissors and other tools used cannot be “one-for-one, one-for-one disinfection”. The operating place and nail equipment are not disinfected, the hygiene is not up to standard, and the nail equipmentIf it is not disinfected as required, it can easily be infected with ringworm, onychomycosis, paronychia and other diseases, especially the replacement of dead skin. Sharp tools can easily destroy skin tissue.

If it is not disinfected, it is likely to cause cross-infection . Cheats for protection: Make sure to check the sanitary conditions of the store before the nails, whether the staff can re-contact the masks, whether to wash their hands before each nail service, and whether the tools used are strictdisinfection.
If the above criteria are not met, it is best to choose again.

In consumption, if you are not assured of the equipment provided by the operator, it is best to use your own nail equipment.

  Crystal nails give birth to moldy nails. Crystal nails are very popular now, which is to attach a segment to the reorganized nails and use three-dimensional and three-dimensional instead of nails to “set diamonds.”

The dust of the crystal powder is good or bad. If the crystal powder with poor permeability is used and the manicurist is not very skilled, the bubbles and voids formed on the nails will become a hotbed for bacteria. After replacing the crystal nails,Consumer’s fingernails are easily irritated, healing itching in light, and redness and swelling in some cases. Mold crystals are likely to produce mold flowers.

  The above is the expert’s analysis of the four deadly hazards hidden under nail art. How about it, you know now.

Protective Cheats: Before using, check the products used by the manicurist. It is best to go to a professional nail shop to choose a manicurist, or choose a skilled manicurist or buy crystal powder yourself.

Summer intercourse health and sweat

Summer intercourse health and sweat

No season is more passionate than summer: the sunlight creates bronze shiny carcasses; the tulle outlines hot curves, full of teasing; the light can even inhibit the release of melatonin in the brain, making people excitedIncreasing the degree makes the intimacy of couples more and more natural and enthusiastic.

  However, since ancient times, health books have clearly stated that summer sex should pay attention to “yang kang excitement instead.”

It means that summer is more likely to make people craving desires. If you do not pay attention to temperance at this time, the already accelerated body will be exacerbated, and the physical strength will be overdrawn, which will affect the ancient people’s physical foundation-vitality, and may even cause disease.

  So, what should you pay attention to in summer intercourse?

  Note 1: If you sweat too much, you should be aware that the body’s sweat secretion increases in the summer, and the desire for sex will make people excited. Many people will find that they have sweated heavily before they have sex.

However, do not assume that excessive sweating is normal.

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, living a husband and wife when sweating too much in the summer can easily lead to the collapse of middle-aged and elderly people and the weak.

This group of people should wait until the sweat is completely dry, and the heartbeat is stable before doing sex.

  For people who are emotionally or physically weak, the phenomenon of increased sweating after sex should also be watchful, as this may be a sign of a disease.

It is best to take a break and wait for the blood circulation to return to normal before pressurizing other activities.

After sex, it is best to rest in bed for a while, then get up and take a warm bath, drink a glass of salted milk or soy milk, do not take a cold shower or drink ice water immediately afterwards.

  Note 2: Be wary of excessive coldness before and after sex. The temperature is high and the humidity is high in summer. Many couples like to have sex in an air-conditioned environment.

However, during sexual life, especially after orgasm, the body will sweat and sweat, and the sweat pores of the body will open. At this time, if there is invasion of cool air, people with reduced resistance will develop nasal congestion, sneezing, and runny nose.Cold symptoms such as headaches, some people include this situation as “summer cold.”

  Sexual life in summer should avoid excessive coldness.

If using air-conditioning, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should be about 5 and the minimum should not exceed 27 seconds.

  If you feel thirsty and sticky after sex, do not rush to take a cold shower in a hurry. Although this makes you feel comfortable for a while, it creates favorable conditions for pathogenic bacteria to invade and is very vulnerable to cold.

  Note 3: Do n’t try to force the house in “Summer Summer”. Every summer, some women always report that they are weak, sleepy, do n’t think about diet, and their bodies are getting thinner.”Bitter Summer”.

This phenomenon is mostly caused by autonomic dysfunction, except that the patient’s temperature is between 37 ° C and 37 ° C.

In addition to fluctuations between 4 ° C, most of them are accompanied by general fatigue and weakness, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, palpitations, sweating, insomnia, and dreaming.

A few women may also have a series of gynecological symptoms such as irregular menstruation, excessive leucorrhea, backache, and edema.

  Although “bitter summer” generally does not affect health, if you have severe symptoms, you should avoid having sex.

The man should be good at observing his wife’s mood and mentality when he has sexual impulses, and arouse her sexual desire to achieve harmony and satisfaction.

The wife can take oryzanol, vitamin C and vitamin B1 under the guidance of a doctor. They are good for regulating autonomic nerve function, lowering body temperature and improving the symptoms of “bitter summer”.

  In addition, sleep quality is very important to relieve “bitter summer”.

About 1 hour before going to bed, you can use hypnosis, such as drinking milk or sugar.

Toxic, sexual performance will naturally be improved.

Can more Chinese cabbage prevent diabetes?

Can more Chinese cabbage prevent diabetes?

Rotten Chinese cabbage can not be eaten, because the nitrate in Chinese cabbage turns into toxic nitrite under the action of bacteria.

Nitrite can oxidize low blood red blood cells in the blood, change methemoglobin, and replace the ability to carry oxygen. The right to use caused severe hypoxia to cause poisoning, dizziness, headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat, coma, and evenDanger to life.

  There are many ways to eat Chinese cabbage. In terms of cooking methods, whether it is fried, braised, roasted, fried, braised, braised, braised, cold, marinated, there are edible delicious dishes, especially with fresh mushrooms and winter mushroom, Ham, shrimp, meat, chestnuts are equally roasted, you can make many special flavor alternatives.

Special reminder: eating more cabbage can prevent cancer.

Scientific research by the New York Hormone Institute in the United States has found that the incidence of diabetes in Chinese and Japanese women is lower than that in Western women because of eating more cabbage.

  The survey shows that the average number of cases per 100,000 women per year is: 6 in China, 21 in Japan, 84 in Northern Europe, and 91 in the United States.

Scientists have discovered that a compound in cabbage can help break down the estrogen associated with the phase. This compound is called indole-3-methanol, which accounts for about 1% of the weight of dry cabbage.

Usually eating 450 grams of cabbage every day can absorb 500 mg of this compound, which increases the amount of an important enzyme in the body, which can help break down estrogen.

  People with diarrhea try to avoid eating cabbage.

Rotten Chinese cabbage can not be eaten, because the nitrate in Chinese cabbage turns into toxic nitrite under the action of bacteria.
Nitrite can oxidize low blood red blood cells in the blood, change methemoglobin, and replace the ability to carry oxygen. The right to use caused severe hypoxia to cause poisoning, dizziness, headache, nausea, rapid heartbeat, coma, and evenDanger to life.
Putting Chinese cabbage on the face can reduce the growth of acne on the right.

Chinese cabbage should be eaten for everyone.

More suitable for people with chronic habitual constipation, colds, colds, coughs, fever, throat inflammation, abdominal distension and fever.

Simple tips to make yourself sleep healthier


Simple tips to make yourself sleep healthier

Get a good nap and ensure that you have at least 4 hours of sleep each day. The relevant data shows that adults who sleep less than 4 hours per night have a mortality rate 180% higher than those who sleep seven hours a night; the rate of aging is 2% of normal people.

5-3 times more harmful than smoking.

Therefore, staying up late to watch the ball also needs to talk about skills.

Otherwise, the ball looks good, but the body collapses.

  Qiu Haoyang suggested that if you are very interested in the game in the middle of the night or even in the early morning, then you sleep in the middle of the night and watch the game in the middle of the night, and you need to take a good nap.

Because from the perspective of Chinese medicine, noon is 11 noon to 1 pm, when the yang is the most abundant, and falling asleep during this time is good for the body and can raise the heart!

Therefore, if “hardcore fans” sleep too little at night, it is very necessary to supplement their sleep at noon the next day to minimize the health impact.

In addition, for sleep during the World Cup, he also suggested that you can take a pillow anytime, anywhere to make up for sleep, or you can put on a blindfold to sleep, and the brakes create a dark environment, which can help you enter sleep more easily.Improved sleep quality is beneficial.

  In addition, fans need to be more active while watching the ball. Before getting up the next day, they can do some local exercise to adjust their breathing.

Because when you’re not getting enough sleep, forcibly getting up is more likely to cause palpitations and dizziness.

And 15 minutes of rest in the middle of the game, you can squint for a while, and close your eyes on the subway or bus for a while, you can restore a certain amount of physical strength. In short, you can more “make up”, sleep can “see stitches””.
  Choose a mattress that suits you, and ensure the quality of sleep. Many fans react. Sometimes after watching the game, they will feel excited and hard to fall asleep. When they go to work during the day, they will become sleepy and lose their energy.

At this time, the sleep time is squeezed out from the gap. How to fall asleep again to ensure sleep quality is the key.

Only when the human body truly enters a deep sleep state can the body functions be repaired!

  It is understood that the healthy sleep expert “Muse” customized personalized bedding for individuals, that is, “healthy sleep advanced customization” uses international leading sleep technology, and the healthy sleep diagnostic system introduced by it can be based on each customer’sBody structure and body gravity distribution to find the most suitable bedding.

The “hardcore fans” fighting the World Cup can re-enter the comfort of underground sleep to ensure the quality of sleep. At the same time, because the mousse mattress has the effect of quickly alleviating fatigue, it can ensure that the fans can always keep their spirits and calmly deal with the next day.Work and study.

  It is reported that Mousse bedding has always been committed to let everyone enjoy comfortable deep sleep, and strive to create the accumulation of sleep benefits, adhere to the concept of human health and environmental protection into the product design.

According to the seven-position design of the human body “head, shoulders, back, waist, hips, thighs, calves”, mattresses and rows of skeletons designed according to the supine and lateral lying habits, etc., to ensure everyone a healthy sleep.

For example, Mousse belongs to the 3D brand series of pure 3D mattresses. It uses imported three-dimensional three-dimensional braided materials. The entire mattress has millions of support points, providing a good balance of support. Qualitative and elasticity allows you to relax and relax.It also helps the human body quickly enter deep sleep; its material has anti-allergy, anti-static, anti-dust mite, health and environmental protection, and is the world’s first washable mattress.

  Mousse’s series of bedding products are all humanized. From the bed frame to the row frame, from the mattress to the bedding, all meet the health needs and personality needs of sleep. In line with ergonomics, the buffer decompression and noise reduction promoteGood quality sleep can help people fall asleep more easily and better protect their sleep health.

  Light “tonic” helps to sleep well and stay up all night, and it is also easy to relieve bowel dysentery, but eating too much can easily lead to fire, which will affect sleep rest after the game.

How diet promotes sleep is particular.

  Some people watch the game while drinking, but alcohol has a cytotoxic effect. Drinking a lot of alcohol will affect health, and the first is the liver.

Therefore, it is best to drink tea while watching the ball, especially green tea, which can refresh your body and eliminate excess free radicals in the body, so that you feel refreshed; for those who are not hospitalized, wolfberry tea is recommended to relieve stress.
However, drink tea to drink light tea, not too strong or too much, otherwise it will affect sleep after the game.

  In terms of diet arrangement, in addition to eating three meals a day, it is more reasonable to use fruit, porridge and side dishes to satisfy hunger in the middle of the night.

During the World Cup, take one or two of the following 10 foods daily. They can ease and tighten muscles, tense moods, and calm people. They can induce the production of sleep hormones-serotonin and melatonin.Easier to fall asleep-bananas, chrysanthemum tea, warm milk, honey, potatoes, oatmeal, almonds, flax seeds, whole wheat bread and turkey.

Bounce Power + New Method + New Content

Bounce Power + New Method + New Content

First, bouncing force is a comprehensive expression of total body strength, running speed, reaction speed, physical coordination, softness and integration.

  So we can’t think that raising the bouncing is all it takes to jump.

You must insist on stretching the tendons, ligaments, muscles of various parts of your body every day, and expand the range of motion of your joints. At the same time, you must make various complex bodies that are good for improving body coordination.

The movements should be accurate, beautiful, powerful and relaxed.

  Second, strength training is best arranged and coached by physical training coaches.

  If you are training yourself, it is best to perform high strength training 2 to 4 times a week. You must pay attention to safety when training to avoid accidental injury.

The so-called high-strength training is to use barbells for heavy-duty exercises.

There are three most commonly used: Third, speed training is also an important aspect of improving bounce.

  Repeated sprint training is still necessary.

30 times, 50 times, maybe 80 times, it depends on your hardship.

The so-called sprint requires you to rush forward at full speed after preparing for the event, not at medium speed.

Special speed training is the same as high-strength training, so you don’t need to practice every day, you can do it three hours a week.

Also pay special attention to the use of small; strength training means to strengthen the muscles of the back thighs.

  Fourth, there are many special bouncing exercises, such as skipping ropes, hurdles, touching the basket ring, touching the upper edge of the small black frame, and even touching the edge of the wooden board.

  Finally, I want to mention the relationship between the nervous system and bouncing force.

We already know that speed, strength, coordination, softness, and these qualities produce a bouncing force when they instantly fall on the ground, so what is it that these qualities erupt at the same time in an instant?

It’s motivation and the motor nervous system.

In other words, if you really want to be above everyone else, you must do everything to make your motor nervous system send the strongest impulsive signal to the muscles in your body.

This intensely stimulated muscle group intense contraction generates huge energy, which in turn promotes the motor nervous system to be more sensitive and can emit stronger impulses.

The two are mutually reinforcing, the more you jump above.

However, this is also a difficult point. Without super motivation, the motor nervous system will not have super impulses. All the so-called scientific, modern, management, training methods and methods are nonsense.

Finally, I wish your dreams come true.

Liver health, beware of these bad habits

Liver health, beware of these bad habits

Guide: liver health, these little habits must not have Oh!

Mortality and the incidence of major liver disease patients have soared because of our unhealthy living habits.

The 8 major vices of life are definitely “shooting” at our livers, triggering various liver diseases, and realizing as early as possible to eliminate bad habits!

  Health care must know: 8 major vices can “shot” the liver 1, love to eat greasy food, oil, is inedible in life; trace amounts, one of the essential nutrients for the human body.

Appropriate absorption of fat-containing food can provide energy to our body and maintain the normal physiological functions of the body.

However, eating too much greasy food with a high trace content is a taboo for a healthy diet!

  2. Consumption of processed foods. These “foods” are usually high in conversion, lack of nutrients, high starch and high fat, and are full of chemicals, which are harmful to the liver of the human body.

  3. Drinking alcohol will increase the chance of mild liver and alcoholic liver disease. The harm of smoking is that the smoke generated by tobacco contains thousands of harmful substances. After being inhaled into the human body, it affects various internal organs, including many, to varying degrees.Damage is one of the main risk factors that cause disease and induce cancer.

So people with liver disease should stop smoking and drinking completely.

  4. The drug is infected. The liver is the “chemical factory” of the human body. The conversion and synthesis of various substances absorbed by the human body are done by the liver; the liver is also the largest detoxifying organism of the human body and is responsible for decomposing the toxic substances absorbed by the human body.

The alcohol and drugs mentioned earlier may cause certain damage to the liver, not to mention the “drugs” that we smell discolored!

  5. Take medicines in a random way. Avoid taking other medicines on your own, in addition to the medicines prescribed by your doctor, because taking many kinds of medicines can easily lead to drug interactions and affect the ability of insulin metabolism drugs.

When a person with liver disease sees a doctor, he should inform the doctor of all the medicines he is currently taking as a reference for the doctor’s prescription.

  6, Qiqing depression, liver qi depression or faster or slower will reflect a series of physical diseases, stomach pain, abdominal pain, stool rot, headache, chest tightness, irregular menstruation, breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids, pigmentation, hyperlipidemia, mild liver, Hypertension and more.

Ordinary people often can’t stand the emotional shock of anger and anger many times, which will lead to the reversal of liver qi, liver yang soaring, and it will hurt the liver too much.

  7, sedentary, joints, tendons, ligaments belong to the liver system, which is the structural basis and important channel on which the liver relies on evacuation.

Computers, televisions, and autobots are sedentary, making many people’s joint tendons and ligaments stiff, losing flexibility and flexibility, and impeding the passage of the liver drainage system in the system.

  8. Insufficient sleep. If there is not enough sleep, do not take a rest when it is time to rest, which will cause relatively insufficient blood flow to the liver, affect the nutrition and nourishment of liver cells, and reduce resistance.

For those infected with hepatitis B virus, the already damaged liver cells will be difficult to repair and may worsen.