Numerous Yoga

Numerous Yoga

Relatively speaking, yoga can be divided into six major categories: wisdom yoga, karma yoga, faith yoga, hatha yoga, king yoga, and kundalini yoga. There are also some yoga systems that do not occupy the mainstream and will not be introduced.

  It is inseparable to follow the true meaning of yoga, because no matter what kind of yoga, for the practitioner, it is a tool to master the spiritual world. The tools used are different, and the methods have many provenances; but modern people always want something.The tools for expressing myself are so good, so I started to add other tools unknowingly. This kind of thought finally affected more people. I will make a distinction here, but I hope everyone can better understand the characteristics of yoga. TheseThe characteristics make her particularly vivid. I hope that everyone will not pay special attention to a certain method and ignore the more important things.

  Zhi Yoga advocates the concept of cultivating knowledge, liberating itself from ignorance, and achieving sacred knowledge in anticipation of unity with Brahman.

Zhi Yoga believes that there is a difference between lower and higher knowledge.

Ordinary people say that knowledge is just the outward manifestation of short life and material.

This lower level of knowledge can be obtained directly or indirectly.

However, the knowledge sought by Zhigao requires the yogi to turn inward and experience and understand the God of creation, Brahma, through the nature of all external things.

Read the ancient, considered apocalyptic classics, understand the true mysteries in the book, and get the divine truth.

Yogis use the practice of yoga to enhance the vitality of life, open the Brahma chakra above their heads, and let the Brahma enter the body to gain supreme wisdom.

  Karma means karma.

Karma believes that behavior is the first manifestation of life, certain food, clothing, living, talking, manners, and so on.

Karma Yoga advocates focusing on the inner world and guiding more perfect behaviors through inner spiritual activities.

Yogis usually adopt extreme restraint in ascetic practices, do good deeds, worship God and discipline themselves, persevere in ascetic practices, and have a pure heart.

They think that a man’s best friend and worst enemy are himself, which is all determined by his own actions.

Only with complete dedication and Han Yi can one’s spirit, sentiment, and behavior reach the final state of unity with the Brahman.

  Faith Yoga focuses on putting an end to ignorance and enlightenment, and inspires admiration for Brahma, so as to be with Brahma.

Belief Yoga believes that wisdom, karma, and belief are interconnected.

Knowledge is the foundation of life, and behavior is the manifestation of life.

If a person has no knowledge, he will be surrounded by great blindness, and his behavior will lose its support.

But both knowledge and behavior should be guided by the heart of faith. Otherwise, knowledge will become crude and useless, and behavior will become inferior and foolish behavior.

Faith yogis follow the principle of “loving people with kindness and respecting gods with devotion and sincerity.” They live in mountains or live in downtowns, and their lifelong purpose is to purify their souls, put an end to distractions, and put the spirit in Brahma.

  Hatha Yoga means sun and moon.

Hatha Yoga believes that the human body includes two systems, one is the spiritual system and the other is the physical system.

Most of the people’s ordinary thought activities are disorderly disturbances and waste of ability. For example: fatigue, excitement, sadness, excitement, only a small part of the human body is used to sustain life.

Under normal circumstances, if this disorder is not severe, the balance will be restored naturally by rest, but if the self-restraint and regulation cannot be actively taken, this disorder will aggravate mental and physical diseases.

The asana method can break the disruptive riots, eliminate the unstable factors of the body, and stop the movement of the vicious circle; adjust the breath to clear the retention obstacles of the nervous system in the body, and control the body’s energy and use it through Ponda.

  If King Yoga is the key to opening the door of Yoga, then King Yoga is the only way to reset the spiritual world.

Hatha Yoga focuses on asanas and temperament, while Wang Yoga is inclined to mind and breath control.

Lotus postures are usually used for meditation, replacing most strict asanas.

Wang Yoga actively advocates the eight branches of yoga, namely, forbidden, respecting, practicing, sitting, adjusting breath, controlling, awake, meditating, and samadhi.

There are many methods of yoga meditation, but most of the postures use lotus seat. When practicing meditation, you can feel the movement of the entity through the mind, control the circulation of Qi pulse in the body, and generate different magical powers.

One-point gaze is a meditation practice often enjoyed by yogis. This is usually in a quiet place or on the shores of mountains, lakes, and forests. Focusing on certain fixed entities is called the Krishna idol or candle.Leaves, wild flowers or waterfalls, flowing water, etc .; immerse one’s spirit in the infinite deep silence.

  Kundalini Yoga is also known as Snake King Yoga.

Kundalini proved that there are 72,000 air veins around the human body, seven chakras, a main channel, and a holy snake that has not yet awakened to sleep.

By opening the veins, the breath of life awakens the snake, causing him to pass through all the Brahma chakras and reach the outside of the body. Once the Kundalini snake rushes out of the Brahma chakras above his head, he can obtain the enchanting Samadhi.

Kundalini yoga is relatively rare nowadays, because Kundalini has high requirements on people, and yogis who have been practicing for decades to years have not obtained any magical power or Samadhi state.

Kundalini Yoga is one of the most difficult methods of yoga. Only perseverance can gain strength.

Sexual Yoga was originally a method of improving the human sexual force, and will gain magical power through sublimation, but now it is becoming more and more worshipped and worshipped, and the purpose is to increase male and female intercourse.  The right way of orthodoxy yoga, in many legends, it is considered to be the master of yoga ethics. Like other yogas, it has many of the same practice methods and purposes, but there is incomparable strength in it.Because of the legend, there is no way to verify it.

  Yoga acrobatics is actually just some techniques.

By mastering a certain type of yoga to perform exaggerated performances and attract the attention of others, there is not much connotation in itself, but most performers have special skills that ordinary people do not have.

  Yogis have the same purpose. No matter whether they use alternative names or not, a yogi often uses various factions to perform physical exercises. For a yogi, all yoga is extremely richthe property of.

Baby’s winter dry cough medicine diet

Baby’s winter dry cough medicine diet

Dry weather in winter, a large number of babies are hit by a cold, often manifested as dry cough, no sputum or less sputum, sputum stickiness, bloodshot sputum, accompanied by dry mouth, sore throat, itching, hoarseness, and red tongueJin et al.

Coughing can cause pain in the petechiae. The symptoms are milder during the day and worse at night, sometimes it does not heal for 1-2 months.

When parents brought their children to the hospital for examination, the blood and sputum tests were normal, and the X-ray examination was normal.

  It is generally believed that the baby’s dry cough is related to viral infection or allergic factors, so antibiotic treatment is often ineffective.

However, the use of medicated diet supplementation has obvious effects, and parents may wish to give it a try.

  Persimmon Chuanbei powder Two persimmons, 10 grams of Chuanbei powder.

The persimmons are dug out of cores, added with scallop powder, steamed in the pot, and eaten once a day, morning and evening.

For dry cough without sputum, the effect is better.

  Radish Chenpi Soup 250g white radish, 3g Chenpi.

Shred the radishes, fry the soup with the tan peel, drink the soup, one dose a day, and take it twice.

Effective for dry sputum.

  Sesame and walnut porridge 30 grams each of sesame and walnuts, stir-fried and ground, boiled with 100 grams of rice.

For dry skin and hair, dry and cough for a long time.

  Chuanbei stewed Sydney scallop powder 10g, Sydney.

Peel the pear, dig out the pear core, slice, add 15 grams of rock sugar, put it in the bowl together with the Chuanbei powder, add an appropriate amount of water, simmer in water, simmer for about 1 hour, serve twice, and drink pears in soup.

It has little auxiliary effect on treating dry sputum.

  Two raw pear porridge, two peeled, washed, peeled and cut into pieces, add 100 grams of rice before cooking porridge.

Can bite dry mouth, dry tongue, dry cough.

  Cane sugar porridge A few sections of fresh sugar cane, peeled and knotted, and squeezed juice.

50 grams of rice porridge, when the porridge is cooked, add cane juice, then add a small amount of honey, take this porridge 1-2 times a day, it is helpful for those who have dry cough and no sputum.

  Tremella congee 10 grams, 100 grams of rice previously, add water to cook porridge.

Applicable to lung deficiency cough, yin deficiency and low fever, dry mouth and less Tianjin.

Especially suitable for children who have long cough and phlegm in autumn.

  Almond stewed Sydney sweet almonds 15g, peeled and shredded, 1 Sydney washed and peeled and sliced, put it in the same bowl, add 20g of rock sugar, put in an appropriate amount of water, simmer in a pot and simmer for 30 minutes, you can take it every morning and eveningEach time, take 3-5 days.

It has a good effect of moistening the lungs, eliminating dryness and relieving cough, and can be used as a regular health supplement for children in autumn.

  Sesame porridge 50 grams of sesame, 100 grams of previous rice.

First fry the sesame seeds and grind them into a fine powder. After the previous rice is cooked into porridge, stir in the sesame seeds.

Suitable for children with dry cough without sputum and dry stool.

Several kinds of whitening vegetables

Several kinds of whitening vegetables

Pea: “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that peas have the function of “removing black and dark and making the face shiny”.

  Modern research has even found that peas are rich in provitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, transforming the effect of moisturizing the skin.

  White radish: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that white radish can “favor the five internal organs and make people feel clean and white.”

White radish has this function because it is rich in vitamin C.

  Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which can inhibit melanin synthesis, prevent slight oxidation, and prevent lipofuscin deposition.

Therefore, regular consumption of white radish can make the skin white and delicate.

  Carrots: Carrots are known as “skin foods” and can moisturize the skin.

  In addition, carrots are rich in pectin, which can be combined with mercury to replace harmful components in the human body, and the skin looks more delicate and rosy.

  Asparagus: Asparagus selenium can fight aging and prevent various diseases related to slight over-oxidation, making the skin white and tender.

  Sweet potato: Sweet potato contains a lot of mucin, and vitamin C is also very rich. The original vitamin A content is close to that of carrots.

Eating sweet potatoes can reduce cholesterol, reduce subcutaneous faeces, supplement deficiency, strengthen spleen and stomach, and improve kidney yang, thereby helping skin care and beauty.

  Mushrooms: Mushrooms are rich in nutrients, intake of protein and vitamins, trace amounts are low, and cholesterol-free.

Eating estrogen secreted by mushroom nutrition is more vigorous, which can prevent aging and anti-aging, and make the skin beautiful.

  Sprouts: Sprouts can prevent freckles, dark spots and whiten the skin.

  Loofah: Loofah can lubricate the skin and prevent wrinkles on the skin. Cucumber: Cucumber is rich in vitamins and free amino acids, and also rich in acid, which can clean and whiten the skin, eliminate sunburn and freckles, and relieve skin allergies. It is a traditional beauty sanctuaryProduct.
  Winter melon: Winter melon contains trace elements zinc and magnesium.

Zinc can promote the growth and development of the human body, magnesium can make people full of energy, rosy complexion, and white skin.

Eat more red bean rice can prevent and treat foot swelling

Eat more red bean rice can prevent and treat foot swelling

Adzuki bean meal vitamins B1, B2, protein and various minerals have functions such as blood tonic, diuretic, swelling, and promote heart activation.

Eating more can prevent and treat swollen feet, which has the effect of weight loss.

Treatment of swollen feet, weight loss.
  150 grams of rice, 100 grams of sticky rice, 80 grams of red beans, 1 tsp of salt

Wash the red beans and soak in clear water for 2-3 hours; 2.

Remove the soaked red beans, put them into the soup pot, pour in an appropriate amount of water, boil and turn to low heat, and cook until the beans are cooked. You don’t have to wait until the beans crack, as long as they are cooked, you can turn off the fire.

Be careful not to pour the red soup of the beans; 3.

Put the rice and glutinous rice together, wash them, add them to the rice cooker, add the beans just cooked, pour the red soup of beans, add 1 tsp of salt, mix well and cover the rice cooker lid, clickCooking stalls, just wait for the red bean rice to cook.

4. If the soup of beans is not enough, just add a little water, and the amount of water is the same as usual steamed rice; 4.

4. Stir the cooked rice gently with a special spatula. You can also stir in some cooked white and black sesame seeds.

Finally add a bit of salt to taste it.

The fragrant is hot, and the porridge is also good, suitable for adults and children.

  Maternal population

Stress is often looking for you

Stress is often “looking for you”

Recently, suicides have been frequently staged, and there are many “professionals” in the protagonist, some of whom are high-powered leaders. This has once again attracted public attention to workplace pressure.
To what extent can stress be light?
Is a higher position a more serious psychological problem?
Which industries or groups should pay special attention to “emotion bombs”?
There are many speculations, but Gong Meien, director of the Department of Psychology of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, said that suicide cases due to hard work are relatively rare, and the cause should be found from mental and physical diseases and ways of looking at problems.
He believes that the key to preventing suicide is to “treat and cure the disease, but not be at ease”, and it is necessary to regulate the treatment of mental and psychological diseases.
At the same time, in the face of stress, you should go to the positive side, and don’t drill into the horns. If necessary, you should seek the help of a psychologist.
  Suicide first considers the root cause of the disease. In recent years, high-ranking cadres and high-level corporate suicides are nothing new.
Ordinary people say that this is “the higher the position, the greater the pressure.”
Director Gong Meien said that whether a person commits suicide has little to do with his position and stress, and mental illness is the number one cause.
  A few days ago, a vice chairman of a CPPCC in Guangdong hanged himself. It is understood that he had long-term insomnia and suffered from severe depression during his lifetime.
Gong Meien said that during the onset of depression, it is difficult for patients to control their emotions, and they will seriously blame for some small things, and feel that it is boring to be a human, which leads to the thought of resignation.
But as long as depression is gone, the thought of resignation will disappear.
Regulating treatment is the most important.
Inadequate treatment?
After the cure, do you continue to take medicine for a period of time to prevent recurrence?
Did you seek medical attention in time when relapse signs appeared?
Do people around you value and help patients treat?
These will affect the patient’s mood and behavior.
Therefore, the main prevention of suicide is to cure or control one’s own mental illness.
  Stress is often “find by myself”. Modern society is fiercely competitive, and job stress is a common phenomenon.
However, in the same post, some people can use stress as motivation, while others are suffering and are almost overwhelmed by stress.
The latter’s negative and extreme attitude can easily put them into despair.
  Gong Meien said that pressure is also objective and subjective.
Some people like to dig into the horns when they see the problem. Others think that it is not a big deal, but in his eyes, they will zoom in infinitely.
This kind of pressure you find yourself is far more harmful than objective and actual pressure.
Once thought goes to extremes, it can lead to suicide.
  Gong Meien said that in addition to treating diseases, learning to actively face life is an important means of protecting physical and mental health.
When social change brings many conflicts and contradictions, people should strive to adapt to it, rather than deny it.
We must firmly believe that as long as we live, nothing can be solved.
Even if there are difficulties now, a turnaround may occur in the future.
  In the face of pressure, I think more of the positive side, and let go of problems that cannot be solved for the time being, and focus on other goals.
Doing sports, chatting with friends, and travelling for fun are all good ways to relieve stress.
Collective attention is also necessary.
If the work environment is depressing and boring, it is better to organize more outdoor activities, which will also help improve the mood of the employees and relieve the work pressure.
  Tips: See the doctor for the four conditions. 1. Negative emotions, such as depression, exceed the usual degree and time (for example, two weeks). You cannot adjust yourself.
  2, problems such as sleep and appetite, such as difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up and wake up early; poor appetite and weight loss.
  3. The body has various uncomfortable symptoms, but the doctor can’t find out the cause.  4, interest and fun decline, and a lack of energy.

Egg whites should not be fed to children before the age of half

Egg whites should not be fed to children before the age of half

Before half a year old, the digestive system is not fully developed and the permeability of the intestinal wall is high. At this time, egg white should not be fed.

The protein molecules in egg white are small, and sometimes can directly enter the baby’s blood through the intestinal wall, causing the baby’s body to have an allergic reaction to foreign protein molecules, leading to diseases such as eczema and urticaria.

Therefore, babies before the age of half cannot feed egg whites and should only eat egg yolks.

  In addition, if fresh eggs are stored for too long, the quality will change, producing skinned eggs, loose yellow eggs, and mildew eggs. Such eggs are best not to be eaten by infants and young children.

  The skinned eggs are divided into red and black skins. This type of egg penetrates the air chamber at the big head, and there is mold parasite at the edge of the air chamber and the skin.

Black-skinned eggs are scattered yellow eggs and have a strange smell.

  During transportation, sales, etc., the loose yellow eggs formed by the yolk membrane rupture caused by rapid shocks have no odor, and the egg liquid is still dense, which can be eaten by children, but it can no longer be stored.

Due to the invasion of mold eggs or bacteria by the skinned eggs, toxins and waste gas are generated, and scattered yellows are formed, the skinned eggs are no longer edible.

  Eggs that are parasitic with mold are called mold eggs.

Under the light, there are black spots or plaques inside the egg.

The main reason is that the packaging material is sharp or exposed to rain, or the packaging material is not clean.

In high-temperature or high-humidity environments, mold can easily enter the eggs through the stomata of the egg shell, forming speckled colonies.

This egg has toxins and must not be eaten by infants and young children.

Save the family for a good wedding anniversary

Save the family for a good wedding anniversary

According to an ABC report on August 26, proving that having a good wedding anniversary and revowing to be loyal to the other party is an indispensable means of repairing marriage rifts and saving family relationships.

  ”Not long ago, Madonna covered with her husband?

Richie had a ceremony in Los Angeles antiques, vowing to repair their marriage.

The two of them considered the new wedding anniversary to this day.

“Brian, Professor of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln?

“For ordinary couples, careful preparation of the wedding anniversary and treating it as a big event is also an effective way to make life often new.

“Popno, a professor of sociology at Rutgers University, said:” It is not difficult to celebrate the wedding anniversary.

Some people think that the wedding anniversary is a new pattern every year, which adds a lot of burden to each other.

“Actually, on this day, you don’t need to pile up too much money, don’t need too much sweet words, just a sentence from the heart” Thank you, husband / wife, your efforts have made our marriage a year old!

“Or do something for your partner. For example, a husband who never does housework can take the initiative to sweep the floor, and a wife who doesn’t like watching football can accompany her husband to watch a game, and the marriage will laugh out with satisfaction.

  At the same time, don’t forget the vow of renewed love.

Marriage expert Heitler said: “As time goes on, each other’s dissatisfaction grows, but the love gradually fades, and then the marriage vow needs to be renewed.

It is an important part of repairing the relationship between husband and wife, helping both parties keep in mind their responsibilities and keep promises.

“Budgets, couples need to master three key abilities: the ability to make decisions together, to talk witably, to listen to each other’s reactions, and to control their emotions.

“Marriage is fragile, it can last forever, and it won’t exceed our lifespan.

Therefore, every couple should keep their wedding anniversary in mind.


Waite said.

Combination of Chinese and Western Swords to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Combination of Chinese and Western Swords to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

The treatment of premature ejaculation focuses on prevention.

First of all, we must strengthen the education of sexual knowledge, understand that women’s orgasm has late physiological characteristics that are different from men’s, and couples have occasional premature ejaculation. Don’t blame the man. For those who have premature ejaculation, couples can live and live temporarily.Conditional reflexes allow sexual function to be adjusted and reconstruct ejaculates.

  Close cooperation between the two parties can also lengthen the time of sexual intercourse, so that both parties can be sexually satisfied.

Avoid excessive excitement during sexual intercourse. When you feel that you are about to ejaculate, stop the insertion of the penis in the vagina, and distract yourself from the sexual organs to the non-sex organs. Those who cause premature ejaculation due to excessive libido or long-term masturbation.Will gradually reduce premature ejaculation.

Those who cause premature ejaculation by organic induction are treated for the cause.

  Chinese medicine treatment: The treatment of premature ejaculation is generally the same as impotence, because premature ejaculation is often a precursor to impotence, and the etiology and medical history of the two are basically the same.

  A, phase fire hyperactivity: hypersexuality, waist and knee weakness, five upsets, dizziness, dizziness, red eyes and tinnitus, facial hotness, bitter throat, dry red tongue, yellow fur, yellow pulse strings.

Choose Zhibai Dihuang Decoction (Mature Land, Yam, Dogwood, Peony Bark, Poria, Alisma, Cork, Zhimu), Keel, Oyster, etc.

  B, insufficient kidney yang: decreased libido, sore waist and knees, dull complexion, abdomen cramps, bowel movement in the stool, frequent urination, Yu Li after drowning, impotence, premature ejaculation, and weak pulse.

Supplement gold deficiency Shenqi Pills (Rehmannia glutinosa, Cornus officinalis, Alisma purpurea, Danzhi, Guizhi, Attachment, Yam) Gazayuan Tribulus terrestris, keel, oysters, etc.

  C, kidney yin deficiency: penile erection is not hard, waist and knees are soft, shaki and forgetful, dizziness, tinnitus, tinnitus, hot flashes, night sweats, hot hands and feet, red tongue, yellow fur, and pulse count.

Featured Liuwei Dihuang Wan (Mature Land, Dogwood, Yam, Alisma, Poria, Danpi) plus black plum meat.

  D, Rupture of the heart and spleen: premature ejaculation, shortness of breath, fatigue, lackluster complexion, palpitations, abdominal distension, diarrhea, less sleep and more dreams, less food and appetite, dizziness, forgetfulness, pale tongue, and pulse.

Selected Guipi Decoction (Ginseng, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Licorice, Longan Meat, Date Kernel, Polygala, Dioscorea, Angelica, Muxiang, Ginger, Jujube) with Golden Cherry Seeds, Coix Seed, Calcined Keel, Calcined Oyster, etc

  Western medicine treatment: A, internal medicine: in order to reduce excitability, small doses of anxiolytics or sedatives can be given.

Choose one of them: Tribromo Tablet 0.


3 grams 3 times a day.

  Lumina 0.

03 grams 3 times a day.

  Oryzanol 10 mg 3 times a day.

  Probencin 30 mg, and calimirin 20 mg, once per night.

  Metidazine 25 mg orally 1 hour before intercourse to suppress ejaculation.

  B, topical medication: 0 before sexual intercourse.

For 1 hour, wash the glans of the penis, and apply some anesthesia cream, such as 1% dacronin ointment, or 1% dicaine or 2% cocaine. Note that only a small amount of the medicine can be applied on the tip of the glans.Reduce ejaculation response, even lead to non-ejaculation, and will affect the erectile function of the penis, making the erection weak.

Newborns sleep without pillows

Newborns sleep without pillows

Sleep with pillows so you can sleep comfortably and sweetly.

Can newborns use pillows when they sleep?

  In fact, under normal circumstances, a newborn baby does not need a pillow to sleep.

This is because the spine of a newborn is straight and there is no physiological curvature unique to an adult spine.

When a newborn is lying down, the back and the back of the brain naturally lie on the same plane.

Therefore, if a newborn does not sleep without a pillow, it will not cause a pillow fall due to muscle tension.

Moreover, the head of a newborn baby is relatively slender, almost as wide as the shoulders, and it is comfortable to lie down and lie on its side.

If you use a pillow that is too high for the newborn, it will easily cause it to bend and breathe, which will affect the normal growth and development of the newborn.

  If newborns are prone to vomiting, they can raise their entire upper body appropriately.

When the baby is four or five months old, the cervical spine begins to show a forward physiological curvature. At this time, the towel can be folded in half for the baby as a pillow.

When the child reaches seven billion months and begins to learn to crawl and sit, his thoracic spine begins to show a backward physiological curvature, and at the same time, his shoulders gradually widen.

At this time the child should sleep on a pillow with a thickness of 3-4 cm.

Pillows that are too high and too low are not conducive to their growth and development.

Newborns often sleep on high pillows and are prone to hump.

From this point of view, according to the physiological characteristics and growth and development characteristics of the newborn, it is not necessary to use a pillow for the newborn.

Where is the most amazing effect of ginger smear?

Where is the most amazing effect of ginger smear?

Many people say that ginger is a product of helping the sun. Since ancient times, traditional Chinese medicine has been known as “a man cannot be without ginger for 100 days”.

Modern clinical pharmacological studies have found that ginger has the ability to accelerate human metabolism, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and at the same time stimulate the multi-system function of the human body. It can also regulate the function of male prostate and treat male prostate diseases and sexual dysfunction.

Therefore ginger is often used as a male health care.

  The benefits of eating fresh ginger: increase appetite, slow down the aging middle-aged and elderly men often suffer from cold stomach, loss of appetite, leading to weakness, can often take fresh ginger tablets, stimulate gastric secretion, and promote digestion.

  Fresh ginger is not as dry as dry ginger, moisturizing without hurting the yin, cut four or five slices of fresh ginger every day, drink a cup of warm water in the morning, and then slowly put the ginger slices in your mouth to chew the ginger.Emitted in the mouth, spread to the stomach and outside the nostril.

  Benefits of dried ginger: treatment of kidney deficiency, impotence, dry ginger, warm and cold, stomach and blood circulation, wolfberry nourish liver and kidney, Yiming eyesight, this medicated diet can treat impotence caused by kidney yang deficiency, chills, cold limbs, back pain, waist and kneesWeakness, burnout, etc.

However, ginger belongs to Xinwen food, which can only be applied under cold conditions, but it should not be used too much to avoid bleeding and yin.

If you have symptoms of sore throat, dry throat, and dry stool at the same time, it is recommended not to use ginger to avoid worsening the symptoms.

  Take about 500 grams of a male carp, 10 grams each of dried ginger and wolfberry.

Take the fish in the carp belly (ie, the white jelly-like substance of the male fish seminal vesicle gland in the belly of the male fish), fry it with dried ginger and wolfberry, boil, add seasoning wine, salt, and MSG.

Take it on an empty stomach. Take it once every other day for 5 days.

  Applying hot ginger to the face can effectively remove senile plaques. Senile plaques are often caused by poor blood and qi. Ginger has a mild temperature. Applying it to the senile plaques can stimulate the blood circulation of the epidermal cells, open the blood and air, and eliminate toxins.

Among them, gingerol has a strong anti-aging effect, and even has stronger anti-aging ability than someone with vitamin E, which can prevent or reduce lipofuscin deposition.

  You can apply a little force when wiping, and it is better to feel a slight temperature on the local skin surface.

If you cut the ginger slices over fire or use a microwave oven for one minute before wiping, the wiping effect will be doubled.

Note that the ginger temperature should not be too high to prevent burns.

In addition to external use, it can also be used with oral ginger water to soak ginger in black tea or honey water.

It is particularly noted that this method can only be used for dark spots, that is, caused by deficiency syndrome.

If the color of senile spots is red, it belongs to Huowang type, which is not suitable.