Breakup manual with failing boyfriend

Breakup manual with failing boyfriend

The relationship between men and women in modern times is inevitable, but how can we maintain a ladylike attitude while breaking up?

  You first have to think about how to maintain dignity and face when breaking up.

When leading to a breakup, there are a few of the most frequently asked questions. You can ask yourself and be mentally prepared. Although it may not guarantee a smooth and smooth breakup, it will at least prepare you., Understand that you are about to face a situation that can not be controlled.

  What are the signs of a breakup?

  How do you know you should break up with him?

The extreme difference in living habits is a point that should be considered. He doesn’t like the way you talk on the phone for too long and doesn’t like the way you chew while eating.Not far away.

What’s more frightening is that if you have to quarrel two or three times a week, I suggest that you promptly break up with him.

After all, a bastard boyfriend is a bastard boyfriend, he can’t change, and having him will only make your life worse.

  When you decide to break up, what should you do?

The years have changed.

In the past, we were familiar with the endless breakup, and the protagonist has changed from female to male.

That’s right, judging from the bitter experience of many women, the hard work of today’s men is not covered.

So when you have the idea of breaking up, the first thing you must consider is where you can hide.

First decide where to flee, prepare your favorite items, and when everything is ready, you can speak.

  Is the reason for breaking up important?

  Is the reason for breaking up important?

This is a matter of opinion, and it depends on your attitude towards the relationship.

If you think others are good, and if you ca n’t be your lover, you can help yourself as an ordinary friend, then you can think of a good reason mildly and euphemistically, of course, you don’t necessarily have to say anything.

You can list some of your disagreements, or let busy work distance you from each other. If he really looks like you think, no matter how unwilling he is, he will barely make it difficult.Accept it.
And if he is too tired to be your ordinary friend, you don’t need to consider that much.

Directly told him “I don’t love you anymore”, forgiving him like a wounded beast like falling into the mist, and I don’t know how to react.

  In order not to give the other party any room for fantasy, the reason for the breakup must be short and powerful. Do not be gentle and gentle because of fear of hurting the other party.

  What was his personality when carefully choosing the place to break up?

Is it easy to get out of control?

Maybe when you hear that you are going to break up?

If this is really possible, I suggest you choose your breakup point carefully.

Find a place with a lot of people and tell him when you are not ready, and then slip away with grease on your feet.

Or go to a public place where guards are often patrolled.

For example, he told him in your office building that you wanted to break up, and even if he wanted to get angry, he would be slightly tempered by the eyes of others.

  In addition to patrolling those who have the right to execute, any occasion that can make him feel free and unrestrained can prevent him from doing unfavorable actions because he suddenly heard the breakup.

  Choosing the right time to break up is important.

At what stage of life is he currently?

What are you focusing on?

What will happen to him if they break up?

If you leave him because of his derailment, it doesn’t matter. You can burn all the love letters to you in his presence and tell him that you don’t want to keep the garbage anymore.

But if this is not the case, and he is facing such bad luck as being laid off and unemployed, I suggest you suspend the breakup.

You can alienate him for busy work and wait for the grand reason, and leave him after he stands up again.

In this way, you will not lose the gentleman’s demeanor, and have good intentions and good rewards, I believe that your next man will be better.  Symptoms after breaking up: He says he is willing to change for you, what if he is willing to change for you?

You must hold your foot.

Now that you’ve decided to break up, don’t look back easily.

Because men know that women are most likely to abuse compassion, and often maintain the status quo for the so-called love.

At this time, he will suddenly become a person and become the ideal object in your mind: always be personable, always go home after work, be gentle on the bed, help you share the housework, and buy things for your date.

  Never be fooled by flowers, so lose your way.

The change he made was only temporary, and you must recognize it.

It’s okay to collect flowers, but it must not shake the army.

  Symptom Group 2: He cried!

  This is a problem that many women encounter.

This is the new century. Men used to say that they do not cry or flick, but now men have also learned to vent their emotions with tears in time and use the tears to melt the ice in your heart.

  Tears are really effective in touching women’s emotions.

Seeing a man’s tears will awaken a woman’s potential motherhood, and now you want to open his arms and embrace him.

You want to comfort him and tell him that you are wrong. You haven’t figured out the facts, but you still love him.

And so, his purpose was achieved.

Maybe he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but it turns out that things have changed, so the correct way is: if you really decide not to walk with him anymore, face his tears, tell him to wipe clean,Pass him a tissue.

  Symptom 3: What do you think of breaking up as a mistake? Assuming that you have successfully broken up, and you start to regret it, what should you do?

Think about it. In the process of breaking up, both time, place, and attitude, you handled it very well, neither left him when he fell down, nor embarrassed him in front of friends.

That’s fine. You just need a little courage.

  But if you have severely insulted and hit him during the breakup, then I am sorry that your compound vision is not optimistic.

But don’t forget that at the beginning of the breakup you will have a period of emotional fluctuations and judgment will be disturbed, so you better not rush to compound with him.

You can find a place to calm down, such as outskirts or simply take a short trip to make yourself think about it. The idea of compounding is really because the old love is unforgettable or because it is not used.

It is best not to have any contact with each other as soon as possible.

After all, even if you want to recombine, you must first know how much weight he has in his heart.

In this period of leaving him, let him know how uncomfortable it is without you, so once you have a chance to reunite, he will definitely cherish you more, then this part of the road is not worthless.

The practice of pickled soy meat

The practice of pickled soy meat

Ingredients: Soybean, pork belly, pickled pepper, light onion, garlic clove, refined salt, sugar, water starch, salad oil, broth, sesame oil.

  Method: 1. Remove the soybeans from impurities, soak in hot water for 2 hours, remove and drain, clean the pork belly with warm water, cook it in a soup pot, remove it, cool it a little, cut into cubes, and cut the pepper into sections, Garlic cloves beat and set aside.

  2. When the pan is set on fire, add salad oil for 50% heat, fry the garlic cloves, add pickle festival, stir-fry onion, add meat, soybeans and various seasonings, and soften the flavor, mix with water starch, chicken essenceGo for sesame oil.

  Features: rosy color, mellow juice, soft rotten flavor, rich nutrition.

  Tip: Soy beans should be soaked. When burning, use a low heat to slowly simmer into the taste, do not paste the pot.

Drink more Jieshu Qushishi health soup in summer

Drink more Jieshu Qushishi health soup in summer

Hot summers are cool, and iced drinks are the first choice for people to relieve their heat.

Drinking plenty of water and soup is very important in the summer, because the hot weather causes the body to lose a lot of water and nutrients, so drinking some nutritional soup can not only replenish water, but also nutrition, and the role of heatstroke and cooling.


Tomato and potato soup: Tomatoes are rich in lycopene with antioxidant effects. Potatoes contain a large amount of potassium. In summer, a lot of potassium ions are lost with sweat, causing human fatigue, dizziness, and loss of appetite.


Flower Mung Bean Soup: It is best to drink bean soup for soup. Mung beans are cool and have the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.

Mung bean mint soup can be made with mint, mung bean pumpkin soup with pumpkin, mung bean rice kernel soup with rice kernel, and mung bean silver flower soup with honeysuckle.

Mung beans and rice are cooked together, and amino acids can supplement each other.


Melon peel nut soup: 100 grams each of watermelon peel and peanut, 50 grams each of malt and rice kernel can be cooked into a soup, which has a good effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.

  Suitable for soup when the humidity is high: 30 grams of mung beans, 50 grams of pumpkin, salt content, 200 ml of water.

  Method: first dry the mung beans and wash them in the sand, add salt and smash when the water is not dry, mix well, marinate for 3 minutes and rinse with water; peel and peel the pumpkin and wash with water, cut into 2 cm square piecesSet aside; put boiling water in the pot, boil on fire, boil the mung beans for 2 minutes, pour in the cold water, and then boil. Put the pumpkin cubes in the pot, cover, and boil with gentle heat for about 30 minutes, until the mung beansJust flower.

  Pumpkin plum drink material: 20 grams of plum, 50 grams of pumpkin, 25 grams of fruit and 200 ml of water. Method: Peel and peel the pumpkin, rinse with water, cut into about 1 cm cubes, and cook with water.Cool until used; boil the water in the pot, flush the fruit juice with boiling water, blanch the plums with boiling water, discard the boiled plum water, and pour the plums into the juice to soak;Put pumpkin cubes into the juice and put them in the refrigerator.

On a hot mat, pay attention to these 9 points to teach you how to choose a mat

On a hot mat, pay attention to these 9 points to teach you how to choose a mat

When summer comes, in the face of hotter and warmer weather, mothers are very worried that their baby will not rest and fall asleep, and if they have a bitch or eczema, they will be more worried.

The mat, as the first cooling product in summer, can be said to have an excellent effect.

  The definition of mats in summer is cool and padded bamboo mats or straw mats.


There are two kinds of straw and bamboo.

The bamboo mat and grass stem are dyed in color and weave a patterned mat.

The folk called it “flower mat”.

Used in summer.

Bamboo fiber mat is an alternative to clean and pollution-free (Deep Mountain Area of Hainan) natural green bamboo that has been born for 3-4 years and processed by physical methods such as cooking.

  How to use the mats 1. Choose the mats that are smooth and non-thorny on the front; 2. Use the mats that are not used continuously and wash them gradually and use them in the sun.

  3. The gauze is often changed and washed, and the mat is often scrubbed. 4. The mat surface is covered with gauze when it is used to prevent scratching the skin. 5. When the weather is slightly cold, remove the mat in time and diarrhea with the whole body. 6. Wash before use., Then blanch with boiling water several times, and then dry.

  7, if sleeping in the air-conditioned room mat, it is best to wear long-sleeved clothes for the baby, at least short-sleeved, not to wear a vest, the temperature should be above 26 ℃, otherwise it is easy to catch cold.

  8. Always check the mats for burrs and deal with them in time to avoid scratching the baby.

  9, keep the mat clean, especially pay attention to regular drying, so as not to breed parasites, which is not good for your health.

  The choice of mats to see: see if the color is uniform, light green or bright yellow.

Then flatten the mat to see if the weave is tight and even.

If the weaving is not tight and the thickness is uneven, it is easy to show tendons and loose edges, causing breakage and damage, and affecting damage.

See if there are black, mildew spots, wormholes, burrs, or withered yellow grass. If there are, it means that the mat is of poor quality.

  Touch: Try to see if the mat feels smooth and whether the corners are neat and smooth.

  Smell: The materials used are fresh, and the new products compiled that year have a natural fragrance.

Whether it’s a bamboo mat, a straw mat, or a rattan mat, they should be fragrant but not special.

What does a boy’s sex education mom do?

What does a boy’s sex education mom do?

Suggestion 1: Build a correct gender view for boys. Although human sex is determined at the moment of fertilization, on the psychological level, the psychological development of gender is from the age of 3 to adulthood, reaching a peak in adolescence.

  Children around the age of 3 will clearly know that they are boys or girls, but they will also be curious to ask why girls should wear skirts with long hair and play at home, while boys wear trousers and short hair, play horseback fightingGame, this is the beginning of children’s gender psychological development.

At this stage, the mother should pay attention to two main principles, one is to let the boy know how to protect his body, and the other is to make the boy have positive images of all parts of the body.

  He is 6 years old and has a little sister.

When going to kindergarten full, the younger sister was born, and the mother told him, “Boys are different when girls want to have babies in the future.

“Maomao asked,” How do girls give birth to babies? ”

Mother answered, pointing to her belly, “From your belly!”

“Because watching her mother’s belly became bigger and smaller, she seemed to understand what her mother said.

  Since having a younger sister at home, Manman has become more sensible.

He knew he was a man and had a responsibility to protect his mother and sister. He said, “All women love to cry because women on TV love to cry!

“Men are strong, don’t like crying, women are weak, they cry, and need to be protected by men. This is full of the original concept of gender.

  Studies have shown that as an only child boy, he was loved by his parents and elders since he was a child. He has little outdoor sports, enjoys watching cartoons at home, playing computer, and is accustomed to jumping, non-logical thinking, and does not understand how to feel around people.Become selfish and indifferent.

Some boys have reached the age of marriage, and their minds are still like children. They have no sense of “shoulders” and cannot bear the burden.

Therefore, mothers should cultivate boys’ gender awareness as soon as possible.

  Suggestion 2: Naturally tell boys about sexual knowledge. Moms let boys know their own bodies. There is no need to be as serious and orthodox as the teacher teaches students. There are many natural ways in life.

For example, when bathing a boy, you can tell him the names and functions of each part of the body, and turn the bath into an interesting game.

When you need to change clothes in a public place, tell him not to change in the public, but find a sheltered place, because some parts of the body are personal.

This naturally allows boys to understand their gender and the distinction between men and women.

  Bang Bang is 3 and a half years old. He is a very smart boy who likes to observe things and ask questions.

He does not have a specific understanding of “sex”, but occasionally asks some related questions.

For example, he asked his mother why she had to sit in the toilet. The mother told him that men and women are different in body. The mother did not have a “chicken”, so she could not stand and urinate.

  Regarding the sexual problems raised by the child, the mother always tries to tell him in simple language that these are natural things so that the child has a correct and scientific understanding of the body.

Mom would generously mention the words “breasts” and “penis”, just like telling him that this is an apple and that it is a banana.

Of course, children must be told at the same time that some parts of the human body are proprietary and some cannot be exposed, otherwise it will be embarrassing.

  The mother must first straighten her mind so that the boy can be guided correctly.

In fact, the boy ‘s question about sex is as simple as “what to eat tonight”.

Mom only needs a very intuitive answer, too many too profound answers, but it will confuse the boy’s ideas.

  Recommendation three: Early sexual education on boys ‘sexual moral education is related to whether boys’ physical growth is healthy and also to family and social stability.

Sex education includes sexual physiology, psychology, morality, ethics and many other aspects, of which sex morality is a very important part.

  Sexual morality is the sum of the social norms of human-adjusted sexual behavior.

It can maintain the stability of social order and ensure the normal progress of social life.

Generally, the content of sexual morality can be summarized as: sexual morality norms; correct views of love, virginity and reproduction.

Its core is love and respect.

  Moms need to educate boys to respect the wealth of themselves and others.

The concept of privacy should be instilled in boys from the beginning of sex education.

The mother has to tell the boy that the genitals are somewhere in the human body and that other people have no right to see or touch the place without permission.

  The mother should pass on positive messages to the boy through non-verbal behaviors, such as mutual respect and loyalty between husband and wife, shared household chores, respect for the old, love for the young, help others, civility and politeness, serious and responsible work, honesty and trustworthinessIn principle, this is the best education for children.

Baby has many benefits

Baby has many benefits

When people ingest the five flavors of bitter and bitter salt through food, they are roughly balanced.
However, children now consume too much salty and sweet taste, and have caused many diseases, resulting in poor children’s constitution and decreased resistance.
In order to change the imbalance of the five flavors, the children should be given bitter foods.
Bitterness promotes appetite.
Bitterness can stimulate the taste buds of the tongue, activate the taste nerves, and stimulate the salivary glands to promote saliva secretion. It can also stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and bile.
Combined, these series of effects will increase appetite, promote digestion, and be beneficial to enhance physical fitness and historical epidemic power.
Bitterness can clear the heart and brain.
The bitter food relieves the anxiety in the heart, has the function of refreshing the mind, sobers the mind, and makes the brain function better.
Bitterness promotes hematopoietic function.
Bitter foods can keep the bacteria in the intestines in a normal balance.
This inhibits harmful bacteria, helps the function of beneficial bacteria, helps the intestine to function, especially the hematopoietic function of the intestine and bone marrow, and improves the anemia status of children.
Bitterness can relieve heat and detox.
Chinese medicine believes that bitterness is yin and has a cooling effect, and has a cooling effect on the irritability caused by excessive internal heat.
Antipyretics and laxative can not only reduce fever, but also make toxins in the body go out with the urine and urine, so that children do not have sores and less suffer from other diseases.
  Bitter food is in the daily diet. The key is to pay attention to choice and eat it reasonably.
Most of the bitter foods are vegetables and wild vegetables, such as lettuce leaves, lettuce, lettuce, celery, fennel, coriander, bitter gourd, turnip leaves, mantle, alfalfa, kojic, and seaweed.
Among the dried and fresh fruits, there are apples, apricots, coriander, almonds, black dates, mint leaves and so on.
There are also buckwheat and rye.
There are schisandra and lotus seed cores, which are both food and medicine, soaked in boiling water is better.
Schisandra is suitable for winter and spring, and lotus seed core is suitable for summer drinking.

Six points to pay attention to in yoga practice

Six points to pay attention to in yoga practice

Yoga is a systemic glandular exercise. There is no age limit and anyone can learn.

However, there are a few points to note when practicing at a fitness club or at home.

  1. There are no special regulations on the diet of practitioners.

One half of the stomach can be filled with food, one quarter can be filled with water, and the remaining quarter can be left vacant, that is, you should not eat too much to avoid feeling heavy and lazy.

Do not avoid it for an hour before or after practicing yoga, and try to avoid it for two hours after a meal.

  2. Warming up is important.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

It is best to do some yoga warm-ups first, step by step, to avoid being frightened.

  3. Try to relax when practicing.

Allow a little soreness in your body, but don’t use excessive force or force action.

  4. Don’t laugh or talk while practicing. Breathe intently.

Maintaining regular, deeper breathing helps your body relax.

  5. It is best to practice every day.

After doing a full yoga session, remember to lie down and rest.

  6, should be practiced in a quiet, well-ventilated room.

The indoor air must be fresh and free to inhale oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, but in a pleasant environment, do not practice in high winds, cold or dirty, smoky air.

Do not practice near any furniture, stove, or interventional practice to avoid accidents, especially when doing head and handstand, and do not practice under electric fans.

Zhong Lizhen: I am happy to lose weight and lose weight.

Zhong Lizhen: I am happy to lose weight and lose weight.

Recently, Zhong Lizhen accepted an exclusive interview with Fashion L’OFFICIELHOMMES.

From the sexy jade girl in the legend of “Mermaid” in 1994 to the mature and enchanting stepmother in “Night Mother” in 2001, the beautiful and attractive Parma in “Lust Caution”, the name of Zhong Lizhen has always been accompanied by the word “sexy”.

Even now, she is already the mother of two children, but she still charms the deadly good figure and the gorgeous face that has remained unchanged for more than ten years, still let the public give her the title of “sexy goddess” without hesitation.

Generally speaking, in the face of sexy stunners, speech communication does not seem to matter, because beautiful things, as long as you will appreciate it is enough.

But for Zhong Lizhen, there is only one exception, because when she smiles and she is suddenly gorgeous, you will suddenly find out that the soul of this woman is much richer than the meaning of the label “sexy”

  Mastering a talented woman in five languages; studying marketing at university time, now opening a female boss of the company; a good mother who will get up for breakfast at 6 o’clock, this is the resume of Zhong Lijun outside the entertainment circle.

In this resume, Zhong Lizhen plays a few different roles, but she has a good balance, and she can’t help but sigh that God really cares about this woman, even gives her a beautiful appearance, and gives her the wisdom to face life.

Therefore, referring to her current state of life, Zhong Lizhen is unbearable and smiling. She does not say that she is happy every day, very happy, and does not mind sharing the happiness and experience in her happy life.

  I am very happy to gain weight and lose weight. In July 2008, Zhong Lizhen gave birth to her second daughter, Jaden.

After the completion of the month, she quickly completed the transition from postpartum bloated to stupid body in two months. When she was stunned and glamorously appeared in front of the public, everyone was still her old S shape.She was impressed by her body and she became the idol and learning goal of many postpartum mothers.

  However, very few people know that when she was pregnant, Zhong Lijun tried to give herself a “fat increase” as she did to lose weight. At that time, she adopted a policy of eating less and eating more meals and eating 5-6 meals a day.

Sometimes hungry in the middle of the night, will climb up to find something to eat, because at that time “baby is the first, can not let the baby nutrition is not enough because of fear of fat.

“Into the confinement stage, Zhong Lizhen is still calm, not wanting to restore her body, and even drink her husband’s stewed chicken soup every day.”

Because she wants to feed her baby, she needs to keep her milk full.

When I mentioned this time, Zhong Lijun’s tone revealed the joy of memories, but there was no worry about the deformation of the body.

Do you wonder why this sexy goddess can give up his body so much?

She will tell you with her mother’s unique love and comprehension. “Being a mother must have unconditional love. If you are worried about your body, you can make other choices. You don’t have to choose a baby.”

“Zhong Lizhen loves beauty, and her love of beauty is very healthy.”

Do not miss the most important moments in life because of the pursuit of beauty, and do not let yourself embed the pathological obstinacy because of the pursuit of beauty.

When she lost weight, she followed the same principle and did not let herself suffer from weight loss.

  When it comes to weight loss tips, she admits that in addition to the tailor-made slimming projects of the slimming company, the three most important magic weapons are: persistent exercise; eating less meals, eating light food; controlling drinking water, onlyDrink mineral water and green tea.

In the 40-minute daily jogging and climbing stairs to lose weight, Zhong Lizhen also started the beauty “spa”, because she was closed with air conditioning when climbing stairs, so it can fully sweat so that all the dirt stuck in the pores is discharged.


In the description of Zhong Lizhen, she swears like a child, often telling herself to swear, not to eat what should not be eaten.

Therefore, her most painful experience is to accompany her friends to eat roast duck, but she can only eat small cakes and onions.

  Whether it is fattening or losing weight, it is a fun and happy process in Zhong Lijun’s mouth. It seems that there is nothing that makes her feel difficult. She said that this is because she is self-confident and self-confident because she is not in her 20s.Little girl who knows what she wants. “Now I know something about myself, and what I have is all that I want, so I enjoy it.”

“This kind of Zhong Lizhen may be in a sentence, when a woman is happy, it is the most beautiful.”

  My daughter is not a princess because she has two daughters but she is still very charming and charming, so Zhong Lizhen is called a sexy hot mom by many media, and she is like a small hot mom, but who knows that Zhong Lizhen listened but shouted “冤枉”The temperament rate is really that she said that she is just an ordinary mother. She even revealed that she was mistakenly recognized by her daughter because she was too plainly dressed. The Filipino maid proved that she was not a sexy mother.

After listening to her description of how she played with her daughter, how to tell her daughter stories, how to teach her daughter to make biscuits for family life, the reporter also had to admit that this mother is indeed not “spicy” because she is full of all over her body.The kind of femininity that belongs to the mother.

“When I am with my daughters, I will give them a lot of love.

Encourage them when they play with them, they will always embrace them and tell them that I love them.

When I said this, Zhong Lizhen inadvertently and gently went deep into the eye.

  In addition to being a woman full of feminine tenderness and femininity, Zhong Lijun’s “Children’s Sutra” is also easy to feel unique, because her concept is different from most traditional Chinese parents. In her eyes, her daughter is not a princess, but insteadIt is best to be a tomboy.

What she values most is whether her daughter is strong, has the ability to think independently, and she is proud of her daughter’s independence.

“My eldest daughter, Yasmin, decided to change the color of her underwear when she was two years old. She has her own thoughts on how to dress herself and how to deal with her own affairs. I think it is so good, I will respect her thoughts.

In the eyes of Zhong Lizhen, who is laissez-faire, the child’s free growth, each child’s personality is a precious asset, so she will not easily change them.

  Because I don’t want to ask my child if she has finished her homework, so when she and her daughters get together, they almost always play together, making the eldest daughter Yasmin “frustrated” that she is not like her mother, but like the sister’s big sister.。
In fact, Zhong Lijun, the big sister, is very intelligent. She is in the process of playing, she gives her daughters the space to discover their own self-development, and let their life be full of joy. “I laugh with my daughter every day.”It hurts, because they are so cute, especially the second daughter, Jaden. Although she is less than one year old, she is an eccentric little adult.She likes to shoot, often pulls my hand, asks me to take pictures of her, and I just say ‘smile,’ she will immediately show a photographic look no matter what she is doing.

And she will have a look after watching the magic show, put two balls behind the ear, showing off their ability to “change magic.”

It was the two daughters who gave me my second childhood.

When it comes to the topic related to her daughter, Zhong Lizhen will exude a happy and happy atmosphere from the inside out. At this time, it is difficult for you to associate her with the “sexy goddess”, but will sincerely sigh, when the motherZhong Lizhen is really beautiful and beautiful. I am still pursuing perfection for the cause, and enjoy the happiness of the family. Today, Zhong Lizhen will calmly put the family in the most important position in life, but she did not give up.My own pursuit of career.

Asked why she recently only advertised, but no new film and television works came out, she blamed everything on the nature of Virgo’s pursuit of perfection.

“Actually, I have been picking up scripts with my hands, but the characters in these scripts are all noble, sexy, successful women.

I have experienced a lot in these years and have precipitated a lot. I don’t want to repeat the roles I played before.

In order to break through the glamorous role of the glamorous character, Zhong Lizhen even put forward some people trying to alienate the selection criteria. “I want to play like my character, not to be beautiful, to be ordinary, if ugly is better.”

She should be a role that allows me to work hard to do my homework.

“Who can help Zhong Lizhen complete this metamorphosis?”

Zhong Lizhen said that his own choice is the civilian comedy director Feng Xiaogang.

Although director Feng Xiaogang has not yet appeared for her role, she said she has the patience to wait for the role.

  However, even if she waits, Zhong Lizhen is not willing to let her empty time, she formed a women’s singing group, and sang the theme song for Zhao Baogang’s hit drama “My Youth Who is the Lord”.

She is very interested in music, and now she is busy with the album, singing and dancing every day, and she is very fulfilling.

  Talking to Zhong Lizhen is a very enjoyable thing, not only because she has a pleasing appearance, but also because she has the ability to make herself happy and use this happiness to infect others.

When you listen to her incessantly telling the richness and excitement of his life, you can really understand why her sexy can last forever.

This woman, known as the sexy goddess, is far more sexy than just sexy.

Outstanding and walking skills training points

Outstanding and walking skills training points

The baby has gone through the process of motor development such as looking up, sitting, turning over, crawling, and slowly transitioning to start learning correctly.

Usually the baby can participate alone at 9-10 months.

The earliest development of dual motor function can also promote the intellectual development of babies.

  Initial training of the two-handed standing: training infants should be carried out gradually from easy to difficult.

At the beginning, you can use your hands to support your baby under the arm so that he can practice correctly.

When the baby is standing with both hands stable, you can train one hand to hold the baby in one hand and pick the toy with the other.

  Practice standing alone: Adults can hold the baby’s arm under both hands, let the baby’s back and hips lean against the wall, keep the heels slightly away from the wall, stand slightly apart with both lower limbs, then slowly release your hands and encourage your baby to stand alone.

  Standing practice: Teach the baby to support his body with both hands from the prone position, then kneel with his legs up in a crawling position and grab the railing to stand up.

   Walking Generally speaking, when the baby learns to stand alone, he is already learning to hold things away.

At this time, parents can put a toy in front of him to seduce him, let him learn to move, move his body.

When the children have the ability to stand alone and help them away, they will not be far away from the meeting.

Baby will walk sooner or later. Don’t try too hard during the training process.

When your baby first learns to walk, don’t let him walk too long.

A baby who is learning to walk will often fall. At this time, parents should encourage him to get up by himself and encourage him to “again”.

The success of the solitary walk once per second was immediately praised.

  Solitary training: * Let the baby hold the edge of the bed or over the sofa, the parents attract him with toys on the other end, or keep repeating: “Baby brave, mother waiting for you to come.

* Have your baby face to face, let your baby’s feet stand on the backs of your feet, hold his hands, and then you move step by step left and right to move forward, driving him to step forward from left to right.

  * You can let your baby walk with one’s parents or one hand.

Or the parents are squatting face to face, the distance is that they can touch each other, let the child walk independently within this distance, and then the parents continue to increase the distance.

Or the mother holds the baby’s favorite toy to play with, and teases him over not far from him, and waits longer when he approaches.

Workplace: Learn to be a professional beggar

Workplace: Learn to be a professional beggar

When it comes to beggars, people often think of beggars having nothing and nothing.

As everyone knows, beggars also have advantages!

They have keen market insight, and wherever they make money, they turn to it.

People in the workplace, perfect learning to be a “professional beggar”, can still achieve high vocational education!

  Cree Career consultants found in the survey, 21.

8% of white-collar workers in the workplace, because they do not know how to change and stick to unchanged positions, say that for their own long-term development, they actually do not understand the market and their value, and they are so far away from high-paying high-vocational careers.

  Cree Career Case Study: Mike graduated from a foreign university in a major university and studied Korean.

The advantage of being able to do a part-time translation while at school, he went to a boss he had known as the company’s general manager secretary.

The total salary is very considerable. In actual work, he is mainly responsible for import and export, foreign investment promotion, business negotiation, technical information translation and other related foreign related businesses.

Because of the deep boss’s trust, he got a lot of training opportunities. He quickly became familiar with the business processes of the company’s operations, and his coordination ability and communication ability also increased.

  Mike has been with this company for more than two years. Since his position has not changed in any way, it has become difficult for him with development desire and management desire. The idea of change replaced his thinking. HeI hope to enter the business merger by internal transfer, but the boss is not willing to change his job.

Thinking again and again, regardless of the boss’s retention, he decided to resign and resign.

  Mike hopes to make full use of his language advantage to work for some large companies in Korea and accept the influence of large companies to facilitate his own entrepreneurship in the future.

In a project cooperation, he got the opportunity to work for a Korean international reputation, he left his familiar working environment and set off on a new journey without hesitation.

In his new position, he is mainly engaged in translation of some operations related to import and export business and investment projects. He very much hopes that he can learn advanced company management experience through the practice of business processes.

  A month later, Mike discovered a huge gap between ideal and reality.

Considering that the company’s upcoming investment plan for a project can have the opportunity to accumulate more large-scale project experience and the pressure of current life, he chose to stay behind.

It is a large group company. The daily foreign trade business has a very standardized working system and operating mode, which makes him feel like an ordinary operator in a production line. He has no chance to touch the entire business.There is no autonomy in operation or work.

This envelops him in a dilemma, and he hopes to get the support of Ke Rui experts.

  Ke Rui career consultant analysis: Different from person to person, choose their own career development path.

  Working in three to five years, people in the workplace usually face the trend of professional development or management development.

Without unraveling this tension, we will not be able to create a step for the next success. I do not know how to use existing resources to further develop in this field, replacing employers to see their own professional gold.

  The key to Mike’s confusion about the future is that he is unwilling to continue on his professional (Korean) development path, but also finds his own correct career path.

In the process of deriving his foreign language skills into other professional fields, he gained market recognition, but within a wide range of industry applications, he simply locked his future on project management, but many companies did not give him relevant opportunities., He should re-evaluate whether his positioning is correct.

  Mike’s top priority is to define a scientific career positioning, consider his own professional temperament, relevant career priority, career background and relevant career gold content to consider the job goals that truly suit him.

  In Mike’s opinion, at present he has to solve his own survival problem, and his girlfriend resigned to concentrate on the postgraduate study. The pressure of life forced him to consider real economic issues.

He believes that without these factors, he should be able to choose calmly.

  Experts believe that: from the perspective of enterprise positioning, white-collar workers who have only worked for two or three years are basically at the level of the company’s operations. The company needs them to do basic work in a down-to-earth manner. The company has a deeper understanding of the entire industry and gradually improves the company.Benefit brings promotion.

Mike’s own positioning and the positioning of the company have greatly deviated, and his own professional direction positioning has gone wrong. How can there be no stagnation in career development?

For life reasons, he may choose a job right away, but his professional problems will certainly continue.

  Re-examining your own career positioning problem is a difficult or even painful process. Many seemingly good reasons may become an excuse for us to avoid facing all this. Solving professional problems requires courage.

  Ke Rui Breakthrough: Integrating professional advantages to form the core competitiveness of individual ability can adapt to different working environments and professional content, the key is to find the best combination and find the most suitable job.

Integrate and analyze individual strengths and focus on major issues.

Career development should take the core competitiveness of the individual as the axis, use its own “longest” board to compete with others, and continue to grow its own advantage “board”.

  The Career Career Consulting Center has conducted a scientific and comprehensive career assessment of Mike. Through the assessment results, it is found that his professional temperament, career interests and attributes have a high degree of consistency with many professions in the field of commerce.

His professional ability such as perception, planning, action, and analysis and judgment is a good level. The ability structure model can adapt to many types of work, but has the highest degree of compatibility with the work in the field of commerce and trade.

Judging from the personality type also got the same result.

  Breaking through the bottleneck of the employment crisis one by one, combined with his educational background and professional experience, he reviewed his professional ability model and professional experience accumulation status, and the expert team conducted intervention factors research on Mike’s situation.Discovered a lot of entry points suitable for him in the large workplace.

After a scientific job evaluation, he was selected for a position with a good fit and operability.

  Learning to be a professional beggar to find the market value of individual value will change the value changes and regular changes.

Don’t say that we don’t value money, it’s just that we don’t work for money, but money can objectively reflect the direction of our professional value, let us grasp our professional pulse at any time, and truly guide the “money” path from future development to achieve continuous value-addedEffect!

  Beggars have a keen market insight, and wherever there is a market, they turn to it.

People in the workplace must stand at the height of the market to review the situation and seek their own breakthrough in value, rather than sticking to the status quo of ease and seeking excuses for themselves.

  After the expert team made a clear positioning for Mike, he tailored the job-hopping route for him, and recommended a Korean import and export trading company as the project director based on the market value.

Through the later resume packaging and interview coaching, as well as the perfect complement of deficiencies, he was fully qualified for this position.

Not only can he give full play to his personal development potential and experience in the job, but also his salary has risen slightly.

  Ke Rui’s chief career adviser, Mr. Bingbing Bin: In the course of career development, economic factors are of course important, but without sustainable development of the profession, how can it be possible to ensure the continuous increase of professional value and accumulation of wealth?

Beggars are profitable, but they are good at analysing their advantages, and your workplace will have unexpected results!