[Learn to cook pancakes]_ ingredients _ production method

[Learn to cook pancakes]_ ingredients _ production method

Pancakes are a staple food we usually eat, especially in Shandong. Pancakes are a kind of food that local people prefer. Its main ingredients are flour, grains and eggs, and the right amount of vegetables can be prepared.It is also called Chinese hot dog in China. The method of pancakes is also relatively simple, mainly in the preparation of flour. The prepared taste is very delicious and welcomed by many people.

Learn to make pancakes. Raw pancakes (preferably small dumplings), all kinds of vegetables (cabbage, spinach, carrot, carrot, pumpkin, tofu, potatoes, noodles, amaranth, etc.)You can also add eggs and ham sausages to make it more delicious.

Highlight the “nutrition, health, diet” functions of traditional flavor snacks.

How to prepare: Pancake stove, rice dumpling, batter bucket, scraper / blanket, shovel, brush, oil wipe, pancake plate or cardboard, toilet paper, tricycle, small bench.

Preparation materials: flour, grains, water (or finished pancake crust), eggs, ham sausage, tofu, noodles, seasonal vegetables, material noodles, oil.


Put your favorite dishes in a mixing bowl or water spoon, add cooking oil (don’t be too harsh and delicious), MSG, salt, cumin and other seasonings and stir well.


Spread the eggs evenly on the rice dumplings to form a round shape slightly smaller than the pancakes. Put the pancakes on the eggs and apply the eggs to the pancakes.


Place the pancake on the rice dumpling with the egg side facing up, pour the prepared dish onto the pancake and bake it. After a while, place a pancake on the top and then bake it. It is best until the oil is yellow.Good pancakes are sandwiched between dishes and slowly heated in a pan.

You can add eggs, ham sausage, fritters or anything you can put on request.

Each dish is placed in a small basin.

Add oil, chili, pepper, cumin, stir well and pour on pancakes, and bake on ladle.

The vegetable pancakes are fried with white flour pancakes and vegetable fillings.

Coaxial, golden yellow, oily but not greasy, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, fragrant with fresh cakes.


After you’re done, you can fold the two sides in the middle to form a stack, which is enough to hold and eat, and can be divided into two if it is not convenient.

Note: The vegetable pancake is suitable to be eaten on the spot while hot, and will lose its original flavor after being carried.